APRIL 29, 2010

Greg Johnson, Johnson’s  Jewelry, shows the satin bags and sapphires that will be featured in a special raffle at this Friday’s CVHC Wine Tasting in the Little Flower Room at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church.

Johnson’s Jewelry participates in CVHC Wine Tasting

    Greg and Donna Johnson, owners of Johnson’s Jewelry in Kamiah and Orofino, have donated 25% off a custom mounting for two blue sapphires in a Chocolate and Sapphires raffle at the 36th Annual Clearwater Valley Hospital Auxiliary/Foundation Wine Tasting on Friday, April 30. Small satin satchels with Dove chocolates will be available for a $20 donation with one of the satchels containing the sapphires and the 25% off coupon.

    The event will be held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Little Flower Room in St. Theresa’s Catholic Church on Brown and C Street in Orofino.  Tickets are $20/person or $35/couple and can be purchased at the door.

    “We really appreciate both the donation of the sapphires and the discount from Greg and Donna,” said Jeanette Gorman, CVHC Community Relations Coordinator. “All proceeds benefit the hospital’s endowment fund and provide camper scholarships to pediatric patients with diabetes and other diabetes supplies.”

    Greg began working in his parents’ jewelry store in Kamiah when he was in high school.  While in college in Coeur d’Alene he began learning jewelry making from his uncle who owned two stores including Clark’s Jewelry which is still owned by his cousin. Greg and Donna bought his parent’s Kamiah store in 1984 and opened Johnson’s Jewelry in Orofino in 1986. Later, in 2002 they combined it with the Hallmark store.

    “I’ve really come full circle,” said Greg. “I went to Orofino Elementary School after our family moved there so my dad could work in a jewelry store.  We then moved to Kamiah when he opened his store in 1960. I’ve been in the business for close to 38 years.  I love designing and making jewelry even though it is extremely time consuming, but the thing I like the best is working with people.”

    He cites the ring he designed for the paint shop supervisor of Disneyland as one of his favorite pieces. “Every custom piece is special. Sometimes the person who wears it is the only one who knows about some design aspect, but that is what matters.” Greg says the two raffle sapphires would make beautiful earrings or could be worked into a matching ring and necklace set or a nice brooch. “I’ll work with the raffle winner to decide what they want and design around that.”

  The wine tasting will also feature nine silent auction baskets and two homemade wine racks plus five red and five white wines, four types of beer and non alcoholic wines. The snacks from Country Catering will have an Italian flair matching this year’s Grapes Galore theme. 

    “I have special help in the kitchen this year. My Italian friend of 25 years will be joining me. We’ll be preparing a number of Italian snacks including chicken saltimbocca bites and real antipasto which incorporates albacore or yellow fin tuna,” said Jo Moore, Country Catering. “It will be genuine Italian food with a few Italian surprises thrown in.”