APRIL 29, 2010

Enrollment continues to drop in District 171

    Approximately 60 people attended the April 26 District 171 school board meeting held at Timberline School.

    District enrollment is 1,137 students. There were three more students than in March. There were 92 fewer students enrolled in April 2010 than in April 2009.

    The architect’s study is done. There will be a meeting Monday, May 10, 6-8 p.m. at the district office to go over these plans.

    Policies in revision are Student Discipline (3330) and Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Participation Policy (3380). These policies will be posted on the District website. Input is requested from patrons, students, and staff. The first reading of these policies is scheduled for the May board meeting.


    Robyn Bonner, Timberline Schools coordinator for Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA), said there are 125 courses, many offering advanced courses that students do not have access to in school. There are ISAT mediation classes (free of charge). If a student gets low scores in portions of the ISAT, they can take classes online to improve scores.

    Ms. Bonner said students have taken such diversified classes as; zoology, creative writing, military history, health classes and languages. She feels this long distance learning “levels the playing field for our students.”

    Technology Department said 25 laptop computers were received from Clearwater National Forest.

    Lillian Gardner and Jessica Gangewer requested early graduation. Based on their exemplary scholastic backgrounds and approval from school principals and parents, the requests were granted. This will enable them to get a head start on college plans.

Food Services

    Carmen Griffith, Food Service Director, reported 57% free and reduced meals. She received a “Fresh Fruit & Vegetable” grant from the state and the staff attended the Northwest Food Seminar.

    There was an emergency closure of Timberline School on April 6 due to flooding caused by a break in the shop water supply. Board approved this emergency closure.

    The Board voted to opt-in to the state-wide financial emergency declared by the Governor and legislature. As described, “financial emergency” is a term used by the Idaho Legislature. Opting-in would allow the District to renegotiate salaries/benefits if the levy is not passed.

    Some comments during the public meeting were:

    “Is there any effort to prioritize budget?” “Could there be a public meeting just to discuss deficit?” “My business is experiencing a deficit, therefore a shortfall. I decided not to build a new house and I think the District should do the same” and “Why has the District not done anything with unused buildings?”

Supplemental levy

    Board approved a resolution calling for supplemental levy election on May 18th for $1,740,000 and the clerks, judges and polling places for this election.

    An overnight field trip request was made for the OHS Band to travel to Spokane for an event. As the group has raised all funds necessary for this trip, the Board approved the request.