APRIL 29, 2010


OCI ROYALTY-Megan Gering (third from left) was chosen Saturday to reign as Queen over the 2010 Orofino Celebrations Lumberjack Days. Katherine Uhling (far left) was chosen first runner-up. Princesses are Jerica Macie Gearhart (left) and Robyn Britton (far right). Photo by Tammy Gilmer

MEGAN GERING-For her OCI talent presentation Megan Gering sang “That’s What Faith Can Do”.


KATHERINE UHLING-Tap danced to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” for her OCI talent presentation.


ROBYN BRITTON-Presented a humorous monologue for her OCI talent.


JERICA MACIE GEARHART- Performed a dance for her OCI talent presentation.