APRIL 29, 2010

Duncan comes home

    Last February, I said goodbye to my beloved Golden Retriever, Indy (Indiana Jones). We had a very special relationship for 14 years. He was the family dog and grew up with my boys, but he was really my dog and I was the love of his life. Letting him go was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Even though I grew up with dogs and have always had dogs, I just wasn’t sure I’d ever be ready to bring another one home.

    In mid-December, I found myself online checking out local shelters. I was idly looking at pictures of dogs but I was certain I wasn’t looking for a dog. After all, I wasn’t ready yet. And then I saw a picture of a strikingly beautiful Shepherd mix; he was about a year old, which was perfect, and there was just something in his face that made me feel I really needed to meet him. So I sent an email to Sherrie Chambers at the Clearwater Humane Society to ask about Duncan. I should mention that I’m north of Seattle and Lewiston is a bit of a drive.

    Once I sent that email out, I emailed my parents, my friends; I posted on my Face book page. Suddenly, I was ready for a new dog in my life. I must have looked at Duncan’s pictures and read his information 50 times. I halfway expected to wake up one morning and wonder what the heck I was thinking, driving seven and a half hours to adopt a dog. That never happened.

    A good shelter is going to want to know a lot about the home you can provide for a pet. Sherrie is no exception. She cares deeply about these animals and words hard to find them the right homes; a place where they will be part of a family, loved, well cared for, and happy.

    Sherrie and I spoke several times. We emailed often. I was asked to provide pictures of our fenced yard and I answered a million questions about why I wanted a dog; where he would sleep, would I be able to care for a large dog, would I walk him and play with him. Would I attend an obedience class. She even spoke with my veterinary office.

    I was on pins and needles waiting for the final answer! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. The volunteers at the Clearwater Humane Society love these animals. They spend hours and hours getting to know them, working with them, caring for them. They want what is best for both the pet and the family. I really can’t say enough about the people who run this Humane Society and all the foster families. This is really an amazing group of people.

    We left on a Monday evening and spent the night in a hotel. We met Duncan on Tuesday morning. I received tons of great information from Sherrie. My husband, who has never really been a “pet person”, was always good to my pets (and even fond of them) fell in love.

    The drive home was long but Duncan was very calm and very polite and very affectionate. I know he must have been nervous and wondering what was happening but he trusted us. His personality really started to open up and relax after the first few weeks. It’s been pretty wonderful to watch. My sons, who are now 18 and 21, think Duncan is perhaps the “coolest dog ever.” Every day they each spent time play tug-o-war or chase or wrestling with Duncan.

    Eric, my husband, plays with him daily. Of course, I play with him, I walk him, I take him to the dog park, I snuggle with him. Duncan and I start obedience training in March... Eric and I hike with Duncan. Oh, Duncan is going to love the summer hiking, camping, and swimming! Duncan is very loved and a very happy dog.

    There is just something about Duncan. My parents love him, my friends love him, strangers love him, and kids at the park love him. He is very popular. My Mom calls to check up on what Duncan’s been up to and to invite him over for visits!

    Although we’ve always had pets, generally, they were mine. But Duncan has a special relationship with each of us. I am so glad he is home now.

    *** The rest of Duncan’s story will be in next week’s article***

Our policy on strays

    All stray dogs and cats are vaccinated upon arrival for their safety and the safety of the other dogs and cats. They are also neutered and spayed on the sixth (6) day. All costs are the responsibility of the owner claiming the dog. Strays are held for five (5) days and then are for adoption.

Wish list: Dog and kitten food needed

    Dog food is really needed-adult only.

    We need large stainless steel bowls for water. We also need treats for training, small milk bones and other tasty treats are great.

    **Please donate cat/kitten food.** We have 13 cats and kittens now. Dry kitten food, Purina kitten food is ok. Friskies canned food, ground only, is also greatly needed! Please help us help them.***

    We are almost out of blankets. Please donate your clean used ones.

    We really need canned and dry cat/kitten food and litter right now. We also need small ceramic bowls for the kitten and cat food. We also need covered litter pans.

    We need towels to bathe our dogs and cats. Please don’t throw your old towels away—we will put them to good use.

    ***We need nylabones and tug toys for the dogs/puppies and toys for our cats/kittens right now.***

    You can drop all donations of food, toys, blankets, etc. at Orofino Builders Supply. Steve and Leila Crockett continue to be animal lovers and great supporters.

    Remember, your donations are tax deductible. Thank you for thinking of us!

    Our mailing address is: Clearwater Humane Society, P.O. Box 2063, Orofino, ID 83544.

For adoption: By appointment only
Any questions call 476-9823

    Please call to see if we have the perfect dog or cat for you!

    For any information on any of our animals, call 476-9823. Please leave your name, telephone number, and the reason you are calling. Please speak clearly and slowly.

Lost and found

    Found Tuesday, April 20, running in and out of traffic on Michigan Ave in the Riverfront Ave. area. Male, not neutered, tan with brown, wearing a collar, NO PET ID. If you know who owns this dog or you are the owner please call 476-9823.

    Found running downtown in the College Ave. area on Friday, April 9 – male, black Lab/Shepherd, about six months old. NO COLLAR. If you know who owns this dog please call 476-9823.

    If you find a stray dog, please contain the dog or cat, if you feel it is safe to do so, and then call. Many times I get a call from someone that has a stray but by the time I get there the person calling says the dog ran off. Please contain in a yard or tie the dog until I get there. We want to keep these poor dogs safe and either find their owners or get them a wonderful lifetime home.

    All stray dogs and cats are vaccinated and wormed upon arrival for their safety and the safety of the other dogs and cats. They are also neutered and spayed after a five (5) day waiting period. All costs are the responsibility of the owner claiming the dog or cat. Strays are held for five days and then are up for adoption.

    If you recognize any of the above strays and know who the owner is, please call. We want to get these wonderful dogs and cats back to their homes. Call 476-9823.