APRIL 29, 2010

Orofino City Council

Set up for EnduroCross underway

   EnduroCross racing is scheduled at the Orofino City Park on Saturday, May 22. Dale Barger is in charge of creating the raceway. He addressed council Tuesday to discuss what is needed to refurbish the arena area in preparation for the races.

   In conjunction with the OCI Committee he will begin to refurbish worn and damaged bleachers and put down gravel for vehicle use. There is no cost to the city for the materials or labor. EnduroCross is providing the needed lights to be installed. Clearwater Power is willing to donate additional light and poles.

   Painting, sprucing up the arena area, moving old bleachers and out buildings, if necessary, needs to take place to meet safety concerns and for readying the park for future events. The bleachers are deteriorating and approximately 30-50 boards are replaced each year
   A diagram of upcoming work plans, followed by a phone call to affected parties, is planned with those parties prior to undertaking improvements. A motion was passed to authorize that plan.

Tree City USA

   Mayor Ryan Smathers announced that this is the tenth year that Orofino has been named by the Arbor Day Foundation as a “Tree City USA” designation, where planting and nurturing trees is a priority.


   Vincent Frasier was introduced at City Council as the newest member of the police force. He was hired as a Corporal. His first day of service was April 7. He has almost 20 years of law enforcement experience and has served in Afghanistan training police officers. He is originally from Craigmont.

Community Clean-up

   The community clean-up program was successful with 546 registered people showing up to spruce up Orofino.


   A third and final reading of Ordinance No. 765 occurred. The ordinance concerns noxious weeds and vegetation.

Future meetings

   The Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday, at 6 p.m. at the City Council chambers, 217 1st St.