APRIL 29, 2010

Two opportunities to catch Bugsy Malone Jr.

   The Orofino Junior Choir and Drama groups have joined forces to present the musical, Bugsy Malone Jr. Two public performances are scheduled on Monday, May 3, at 7 p.m. and as part of the junior highís 100th Birthday celebration on May 8, at 3 p.m.

   Monday nightís cast includes the lead Bugsy Malone starring Tristin Thomas and singer Blousy played by Shelby Tyler.

   Fat Sam, the mobster king, played by Phillip Zweifel, along with his gang members Knuckles, Mercy Borgstrom; Snake Eyes, Lucas Zick; Roxy Robinson, Bob Naden; Shake Down Louis, Andrea Dover; Ritzy, Marie Crawford; Angelo, Jennifer Hardin; are pitted against mobster Dandy Dan, Matt Gilmore, his lovely wife, Louella, Kylie Tyler, and his gang, Bronz Charlie, Briar Bolon; Benny Lee, Paige Miller; Yonkers Charlie, Robin Sanders; and Doodle, Sami Vaughan.

   Tallulah, Samís ladyfriend, played by Sage Gardner, and her dancers, Amy Montambo, Tara Miller, Alayna Knapik, Kiyah Gering, Tessa Slavin, Anna Grimaldo, Paige Miller, and Sami Vaughan entertain at the speakeasy. Fizzy, Stephanie Craudell, is the great vocalist waiting for an audition. Lena Marrelli, Francis Grimaldo, is the vocal star at the speakeasy who canít decide if she wants to stay or leave.

   Kelli Reece doubles as the barber and the dummy. Andrea Dover plays the ventriloquist. Madison Parks plays the paper boy and Linder Beegle is the radio announcer, Tyler Stewart is Clipboard Willy. The waitress is Jennifer Hardin. Tara Miller plays Oscar DeVelt. Many members double as dancers and other parts throughout the musical.

   The production is under the direction of musical director, Kathleen Tetwiler and drama director, Sally Wilhelm. Admission price is $3. Come on out for a night of entertainment.