APRIL 22, 2010

Orofino Health and Welfare to keep some workers

   Some of the 19 employees at the Idaho Department Health and Welfare office in Orofino will retain their jobs even after the office closes by the end of May.

   Four child welfare workers and two mental health specialists will work out of State Hospital North. Two workers who provide home services for families with developmentally disabled infants and toddlers will also remain, maintaining their Orofino caseload while picking up some additional cases in Lewiston.

   Of the employees who will not remain, four will be laid off and seven people will be reassigned to other offices, including six going to Lewiston and one who preferred to go to Moscow.

   The department announced two weeks ago that itís closing nine offices across the state and laying off 126 people.

    People applying for food stamps or Medicaid will be most affected by the office closures.