APRIL 22, 2010

Employees of the Week

   Nancy Dye called to nominate Calvin Main, who works at the Clearwater Memorial Public Library (CMPL). She says, “He is so helpful when I need help on the computer and always has a smile. Thank you Calvin.”

   A gentleman stopped in to nominate Matt Ludieke, Glenwood IGA, and Carmen Griffith, food services for the school district. “Matt and Carmen work together to come up with fresh and new things for the kids to eat,” he told the Tribune.

   If you would like to name a local employee as Employee of the Week, you may phone the Clearwater Tribune at 476-4571, or email your candidate for Employee of the Week and why to

   This is a great way to recognize a customer service person that you feel is outstanding at their job.

   Callers may say why they choose this person and give a brief description, including the name of the business where the individual works.

   Callers need not identify themselves if they choose not to do so.