APRIL 22, 2010

From this Chair...

By Cloann McNall

   During our visits to Spokane to be with Ashley and her husband, Bryan Howland’s twin sons, Braylon and Kaden Howland at Sacred Heart’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) the family has dined at some fascinating and different eating spots in Spokane.

   We took Ashley out for her birthday dinner Thursday at The Melting Pot in downtown Spokane and her parents took her and Bryan to the Shogun Steak, Seafood and Sushi Restaurant in Spokane.

   The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant featuring cheese, meat and dessert fondues. My favorites were the cheese and chocolate fondues. The waiters can advise first-time diners what to expect from the various entrees and will make ordering suggestions.

   It takes about two hours to eat dinner, one small personally cooked bite at a time! The cost is spendy but worth the time and money if you are in Spokane and happen to be seeking a dining adventure.

   My daughter, Lynette Codr, took us to the Melting Pot in downtown Boise two years ago. It has the same menu and décor as the Melting Pot in Spokane.

   The Shogun is a hibachi steak and seafood house where the chef prepares your meal for you at your table before your eyes. A couple of the family members had their first taste of Sushi and said “It was delicious.”

   When the Shogun staff learned Ashley was celebrating her birthday they donned plastic oriental type wigs on both Ashley and Bryan, along with colorful robes.

   After taking a photo of the two in front of a burning Buddha candle they projected the image on a large screen behind a waterfall at the front of the restaurant.

   The Howland’s twins, now six weeks old, are progressing and weigh over four and five pounds each. They are co-cribbing which means they are out of their separate isolettes and sharing a crib. They still sleep most of the time and are two tiny baby boys that when awake are watchful when being talked to or held.

   For the first time one twin was quiet when the other started crying. The quiet one listened for awhile and then he started crying. Ashley wrote, “It was funny then but it won’t be funny when it happens at home at three in the morning.” She expects the babies will remain at the hospital for another three or four weeks and then hopefully it’s homeward bound to Lewiston!