APRIL 15, 2010

Happenings on the Hilltop…
(Weippe news)

Judy O'Brien 435-4870

   Eight members of White Pine Rebekah lodge attended the District 10 meeting in Kooskia on Saturday. At the meeting the lodges hold the drawing for the items that are raffled off along with the Hamper that provides the funding for the East Coast Historical Trip.  This year’s student is Jonathan Miles. Vicki Jorgenson reported the winners from Weippe were:  Marge Kuchynka–bath towel set, Anthony Bryson–bed spread set, Mary Godard’s name was drawn twice each time for a blanket, Sharon Miles–four piece canister set, Joyce Stewart–lap throw, Sammy Bharduaig–wall clock, Tana Umphenour–blanket, and the winner of the hamper full of linens was Wallie Hamlin. The White Pine Rebekah Lodge appreciates all the people who helped support this program and purchased tickets for the raffle.

   Dr. Phillip Petersen will present a forum on Alcohol, Drugs and the Teen Brain, at 8:15 a.m., Thursday, April 22 at Timberline School in Weippe at a school assembly. This forum is free and open to the public, and parents are encouraged to attend. 

   The community is saddened to hear of the death of Weippe resident Bob Gransbury and extend condolences to the family.

   Lisa Weyerts informs us the Weippe Fire Department has started collecting donations for the annual fire sale on May 15.  Donations can be dropped off at the Fire Hall or if you need anything picked up you can call Chief Cahala at 435-0136, or Keith and Lisa Weyerts at 435-4030. You can also call to make sure someone meets you at the fire hall to collect items. 

   Starting the week of April 26 someone will also be at the fire hall daily to collect items. Raffle tickets will also start going on sale soon. Thanks to the community for their support.  The funds the Fire Department make on this sale usually go for equipment and uniforms for the members.  

   Several weeks ago it was mentioned that the Weippe Heritage Museum has the registers from the old Greer Hotel. This email was received from a former owner of the building and I thought may be of interest...

   “I read with interest your column last week concerning the "old Greer Hotel" and thought I would give you a little history of Greer as I know it. 

   In 1977 I bought the Greer Cafe and Tavern from Larry and Geneva Hollibaugh. While rummaging around through the many nooks and crannies of the old building, I discovered the registers you referred to.  I used to keep them behind the bar at the tavern and let my customers, many of which were from Weippe, browse through them.  I subsequently loaned them to the Orofino Historical Museum where they were discovered by the late Nancy Webster and she urged me to donate them to Weippe were they are now. 

   The building was originally the Gamble Hotel and was a stage coach stop for travelers going to and from Weippe and Pierce. The late Mary (Gamble) Van Allen's parents owned and ran the hotel. Mary married Bud Van Allen and they lived in Greer, on the beach in the Pink House, when I purchased the Cafe and Tavern.  There was indeed a ferry that was replaced by a bridge just upriver from the Hotel.  That bridge was washed out by high water and I think that put the ferry back in operation until the bridge that is there now was built.

   Greer was quite a town at one time with its own post office, school, livery and blacksmith, grocery store, gas station, etc.  Unfortunately all the old pioneers are gone.  If you want to know more about the town, I think Ruth and Bill Bird know a lot about its history.

   I sold the property a few years ago to Larry Gay and my understanding is that the old "Cafe and Tavern" are also history as he plans to develop it as an apartment building.  I have many fond memories of running the business and met and made many good friends from the "Hill".” Signed - Mike Smith Lolo, MT.

   Pierce-Weippe Chamber Banquet and Auction will be May 1, 6 p.m. at the Weippe Community Center. Prime Rib or Chicken Dinner - $15. Games, Drawings, Bucket Raffles, Silent and Live Auction, Cash Bar. Tickets are available in Weippe at the Discovery Center.

   Colleen Nelson, Chamber secretary says the Chamber was once again wonderfully represented at the Inland Northwest Outdoor Show in Lewiston April 23-25. The Chamber appreciates the efforts of Charlene and Joe Douglas and Ed and Marge Kuchynka who volunteered and helped promote our area.

   Dolores reports five tables of pinochle players at the lodge on Sunday afternoon. Glen Hibbs won high score. Low score went to Bert Curtis and pinochle was won by Mable Koerling and Jack Smolinski.

   There will be an All School Reunion meeting Wednesday, April 21, 9 a.m. at the Weippe Heritage Museum to finalize details of the May 30 All School Reunion.