APRIL 15, 2010

This was an independently conducted survey. Results were not gathered via scientific means.

School options survey results

   School District #171 options online survey results as of April 5:

   Increase the lunch fee. Currently the full price for elementary school hot lunch is $1.75, and it's $2 for high school. For the program to break even it would have to be $2.68. Would you pay $.50 more per meal to help off-set the cost to the District? 79.9% said yes. 254 responded.

   Close the Programs Office, move the five staff members to other locations, and put the building up for sale as recommended by the Plus 5 Committee. 91.1% responded yes out of 247 that answered the question.

   Close Orofino Junior High School and split the 7th and 8th grade. This option will include busing students to the junior high for P.E. and to the high school for electives. 63.7% said no. 245 responded.

   Close Orofino Junior High School and have 7th and 8th graders attend Orofino High School in split shifts. Some students will start earlier in the morning and leave earlier in the afternoon and others will start later and end later. This will require two busing schedules. 88.8% of 240 respondents said no.

   Use existing buildings (can choose more than one). A. Leave the students in the Orofino Junior High building and move Timberline Elementary students to Pierce Elementary School. Wait until student numbers are low enough to house 7th and 8th grade students at Orofino High School and the Timberline Elementary students in Timberline High School without having to build anything. B. Consolidate Timberline High School students to Orofino High School. C. Neither. Out of 245 respondents, 36.3% voted for A. 18% voted for B, and 53.1% voted for option C.

   Leave the 7th and 8th grade at Orofino Junior High until we know if we can pass the building bond to build classrooms and gym at Orofino High School and Timberline School in Sept. 2010. 53.2% voted yes, 46.8% voted no.

   Use the District Building Fund (from the sale of District property) and Federal Forest funds (from the Craig-Wyden Bill) to build six classrooms at OHS and four classrooms at Timberline School. 62% of 245 respondents voted yes.

   Change extracurricular fees: A. Increase extracurricular fees from $30 to $45. B. Increase the school sponsored extracurricular fee for each activity/sport according to the cost of that activity/sort. C. Neither. 30.7% voted A, 42.9% voted for B, and 26.4% choose option C.

   Decrease cost of extracurricular activities: A. Eliminate assistant coach salaries. B. Eliminate travel to non-league games. C. Neither. Out of 250 respondents, 24.4% voted A, 33.6% voted B and 42% voted for C.

   Decreased staff salaries and benefits (can choose more than one): A. Decrease superintendentís salary. B. Decrease all administrative salaries. C. Eliminate paying for administrative travel. D. Decrease health insurance benefits. E. Cut more staff. F. No changed. There were 249 respondents; 54.2% voted for A, 41.4% for B, 52.2% for C, 11.2% for E and 16.5% for F.