APRIL 15, 2010

At the March CHNC meeting Jennifer Garrison and Brandi Nelsen (l to r) presented information about Clearwater Health and Rehabilitation.

Clearwater Human Needs meets Tuesday, April 20

   Clearwater Human Needs Council (CHNC) will hold their general council meeting at noon Tuesday, April 20, at the Krystal Café.

   There will be a discussion about how CHNC is serving the community and changes that may need to be made in light of recent changes in the human services delivery system in Orofino and the surrounding area.

   Melissa Bryant, Idaho Department of Labor, will also present information about a seminar “Beyond Surviving to Thriving” to be held in the Little Flower Room at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church Thursday, May 13 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is being sponsored by Idaho Department of Labor and CHNC. She will also speak about other programs the department provides, if time allows.

   At the March CHNC meeting Brandi Nelsen and Jennifer Garrison presented information about Clearwater Health and Rehabilitation. The facility has 56 beds and serves residents with a variety of needs from dementia to those who need occupational, speech or physical therapy. Some of those who use the service are long term residents and some are there short term and particularly need physical therapy or time to recover from surgery or other medical situations.

   In addition they are now working with St. Joseph Regional Medical Center to provide Hospice services at the facility. They are working on the service for other parts of the community.

   Nelsen said that the residents appreciate young people coming to visit them, especially children, because some of them do not have family that come to see them. One of the biggest needs is volunteers to interact with the residents and do things like take them for a walk, play cards, listen to their stories or just visit.

   They are getting ready to do a gardening program because the residents love plants and need to feel like they are doing something.

   For further information about CHNC, email