APRIL 15, 2010

Diary of a forester, Eugene William Langdon

   This is an ongoing series featuring text from the handwritten diary of a former Forest Ranger, Eugene William Langdon (1883 – 1967).

   Langdon was born in Missouri and moved to Idaho in 1890. His diary spans the time period from May 15, 1913 through May 31, 1914 and was furnished to the Clearwater Tribune by his grandson, Pete Curfman – retired Commissioner of Clearwater County.

   [Editorial note: diary is taken verbatim except where clarification is needed for reader understanding.]

Monday, September 22 –1913

   Rained in a.m. Worked on the wagon road above the Red River Station Bridge in a.m. Built R.S. fence in p.m. in company with the other 2 guards.

Tues, September 23 – 1913

   Constructed fence at the Red river R.S. worked in company with Guard Dennis and Prettyman.

   Wed, September 24 – 1913

   Cut poles and posts and hauled them out to build some R.S. fence. Worked with guards Dennis and Prettyman.

   Talked to Supervisor Ring. Rec’d 2 F.S. locks and 3 keys.

   Read a personal letter from Supervisor Ring.

Thurs, September 25 – 1913

   Worked on the Red River R.S. fence in company with Guard Dennis and Prettyman.

Friday September 26 – 1913

   Finished the Red River R.S. fence. Built a gate at the Station Bridge. Went over to Harbisons to get information in regard to that part of the district and to post fire warnings.

Saturday, Sept 27 – 1913

   Returned to Red River R.S., Posted some fire warnings on my way. Done miscellaneous work at the Station in p.m.

Sunday Sept 28 – 1913

   No duty performed.