APRIL 15, 2010

The remains of a charred, broken picnic table are all that was left after vandals got through with destroying items at Canyon Creek Campground at Dworshak Reservoir April 1. Information leading to arrest and conviction earns a reward of $1,000 by Corps Watch. Photo by Rich Mucci.


April Fools Day at Dworshak brings destruction

   Malicious vandalism took place at Canyon Creek Campground (Number One) on April 1, with a picnic table and benches half charred and broken into pieces. The roof of a bulletin board kiosk was damaged as well. According to Dworshak Reservoir Association, another table is missing from Campsite Two, and the area was littered with a broken truck window and miscellaneous rubble in a fire pit.

   Paul Pence, Natural Resource Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers, said that there is a new program – similar to neighborhood watches called “Corps Watch.” It is designed to protect parks and property from vandalism such as this. Informants can claim a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of persons committing this type of damage. Reward monies are funded by the Washington D.C. headquarters of the Corps.

   Witnesses, or others with information regarding the vandalism at Canyon Creek, are encouraged to call this toll-free number: 1-866-413-7970, 24 hours a day, to report the incident. Callers may remain anonymous if they wish. Detective Mandy Barlow of the Clearwater Sheriff’s Office is assigned to the case.