APRIL 15, 2010

Orofino City Council

Day care ordinance under scrutiny

By Alannah Allbrett

    Two special use applications were submitted for currently existing daycare centers. One application was from Jennifer Dunaway of H Street. The second application was submitted by Lyle and Suzanne Finney of Indio Avenue.

    Both centers are certified as Group Day Care Facilities by the State of Idaho, have been in operation for an extended period of time, periodically inspected by the Department of Health and Welfare and by the City of Orofino’s Building Official.

    The homes in which these daycares operate are zoned R2 – residential. (Both R2 and R3 are residential zones.) Counting the owner’s own children, under the age of 13, the state allows up to 12 children at a facility based on square footage. Neither daycare is operating at that level presently.

    Without a special use permit, the state allows for four children, and Orofino’s ordinance allows for five. It was pointed out that Orofino should not exceed what the state allows, and the matter needs further study so it does not need to be reexamined each time a permit is applied for.

    Written and oral testimony was presented by neighbors emphasizing the increased traffic and noise experienced from daycares. The matter was referred to Building and Fire Committee to study the present ordinance for safety, and to preserve the integrity of residential zoning laws for all existing and future daycare centers.

Walrath Insurance

    Walrath Insurance Agency will be celebrating 100 years in business on June 25. The business has requested permission to block off College Ave. to Johnson Avenue from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for an open house. The request was granted. The city will issue a proclamation in recognition of the long-standing service this business has rendered to the community.

Tree City USA

   The Arbor Day Foundation has once again named Orofino a “Tree City USA” designation, where planting and nurturing trees is a priority. The presentation will be in conjunction with Arbor Day.

City Attorney

   Alison Brandt has submitted a letter of resignation effective April 1, as the City Attorney for Orofino. The city has contacted Becky Vaage regarding the possibility of her taking over that position. The matter is under consideration.


   The Police Committee met on April 6. A new officer, Vincent Frasier was hired as a Corporal. His first day of service was April 7. He has almost 20 years in law enforcement experience and has served in Afghanistan training police officers. He is originally from Craigmont.

   The closure of the Health and Welfare office will force officers to have an extended drive to State Hospital North and to Lewiston, as some police business will need to be conducted there.

   New uniforms, to be used in conjunction the present uniform, are being considered. The uniforms are jump suits and have a minimum five-year life expectancy. Cost is a consideration.


    A second reading of Ordinance No. 765 occurred. The ordinance concerns noxious weeds and vegetation.

Future meetings

   The Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the City Council chambers, 217 1st St.