APRIL 15, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Grangemont Road to be rebuilt starting in June

April 5 meeting

   The Grangemont Road Project bids were opened April 2 with the following order of bidders: Valley Paving & Asphalt, Inc. (Cottonwood); Ascorp, Inc. dba Debco Construction, (Orofino); S&S Contracting, Inc., (Lapwai); Central Washington Asphalt, Inc., (Moses Lake); Knife River Corporation, (Boise); Granite Northwest, Inc., (Watsonville, CA). Western Federal Highways division will review the six bids to award the contact to the lowest qualified bid. The Grangemont Road will be rebuilt its entire length starting in June 2010. The bids came in under the projected costs so there will be additional money that can be spent to do more improvements to the road.

   Juvenile Services were updated by Director Alana Curtis. The services have seen an increase in the number of the youth in the program. The State is monitoring the number of juveniles committed to the State Juvenile Detention facility. The County has the highest number per capita statewide. There are eight youth committed at this time.

   P&Z update with Administrator Bobbi Kaufman and Building Inspector, Bob Hardy. The end of month report on the building permits and zoning permits were reviewed. There will be action taken on three buildings built in the County without a permit.

   The Board approved and signed expense and payroll claims. They approved the liquor license for the Orofino Yacht Club.

   The Board held a bid opening for road oil for chip sealing projects through Sept. 30, 2010. Two bids were received: first bid is from Western States Asphalt Inc., along with a bid bond for CRS-2P on 200 tons at $561 per ton delivered to Orofino; with distributor rental and truck demurrage. The second bid was from Idaho Asphalt Supply with bid bond for CRS- 2P on 200 tons at $490 per ton, with distributor rent and truck demurrage. The bids were taken under advisement for review.

   Also a bid was received from Tripco for crushed aggregate, the bid was taken under advisement pending review.

   Salary claims for the period of Feb. 21, 2010 to March 20, 2010 were approved and paid in the following amounts: Current Expense-$54,576.07; Road and Bridge-$32,116.03; Ambulance-$12,275.15; Court-$10,793.63; Justice Sheriff-$59,253.51; Justice Jail-$17,257.87; Justice Prosecuting Attorney-$15,302.80; Social Services-$2,310.40; Revaluation-$9,107.23; E-911-$1,571.99 Solid Waste-$7,646.84; Weed Control-$1,892.40; Waterways-$2,550.40. Total payroll expenses were $226,654.32.

   There were two executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting were Commissioner Stan Leach and Commissioner John Allen. Chairman Don Ebert was absent.