APRIL 15, 2010

Where have all our children gone?

   The photograph featuring this week’s Mystery Children was taken in 1929. These children attended school eight months of the year on Freeman Creek (School District #2) and were the students of Edith Crowley.

   The four students on the left are siblings and two others are siblings of another family. One is related to the teacher.

   Most of the students remained in the area until several years ago. At this time all but two are deceased; one resides in Ahsahka and one lives in the Lewiston/Clarkston area.

   Can you guess this week’s Mystery Children?

   Last week’s Mystery Children were Jeni and Jeff Dugger. Their parents are Mike and Carol Dugger.

   After graduating from OHS in 1988, both of the twins moved away. Jeni moved to Salem, OR, and Jeff to Tacoma, WA. Both eventually returned to Orofino to marry hometown people.

   Jeni married Mike Fitzgerald and they have two children, Aden and Emma.

   While in Tacoma, Jeff began dating Jocelyn Dempsey, an Orofino gal, who had also relocated to Tacoma! Upon returning home, Jeff and Jocelyn were married and they also have two children, Hannah and Paige.

   Congratulations to Jennae Spencer who was the first person to call and identify the Dugger twins. The Clearwater Tribune heard from the following people in the order shown: Candace Dugger, Carolyn Adams, Willy Dykes, Pat Case, Chris Nelson, Sis Campbell, Wilhamina Beck, Cindy Freeman, Carmen Rinehart, Heather Leach, “Aunt Norma Carpenter,” (who took the picture and was surprised to see it in the paper), Donna Mullikin, Nancy Lerandeau, Donna Bonner, Diane Tuning, Alfreda Cnossen, Elsie Cleveland and Neva Ennes.

   Keep those photos and clues coming! We can always use more, so please mail photos for future Mystery Child columns to Clearwater Tribune, P.O. Box 71, Orofino, ID, 83544 or deliver your picture in person to our office on 161 Main St., or you may send them via email to