APRIL 15, 2010

Orofino Chamber of Commerce

The future of printed media

   Paul Emerson is retiring in May after 28 years as the Managing Editor of the Lewiston Tribune (LT). He was the keynote speaker at the April 7 Orofino Chamber of Commerce luncheon and outlined some of his background and his hopes for the future of printed news.

   He began his LT career at the very young age of 22 as a sports writer. His grand scheme for his life was to work in that position for three years and then move on to Seattle to work for a bigger paper. He stayed and worked his way up to Managing Editor at the age of 33.

   Emerson said when he began working for the LT, articles were typed on paper and given to an editor who edited them with a #2 pencil, after which, they then were given to a typesetter. There were 15 Linotype machines in the composing room, which were used to transfer the articles onto lead plates for the press. As it is with the Clearwater Tribune, the process now is paginated at a computer by the editor.

   Emerson said he has had many proud moments in the past but none more so, than when his team of reporters covered the floods which hit the region in 1996 where his reporters and photographers were able to get to areas even the post office was unable reach.

   Looking at the future of journalism, with instant and online news available, Emerson emphasized the need that people seek out well-rounded reporting by checking different sources. He stressed the necessity of getting balanced reporting to get the whole picture.

Dworshak update

   Paul Pence, Natural Resource Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers, stated that Dworshak Reservoir is at 52% of the normal snow pack for this time of year. It is at the lowest level it has been since 1961. Pence said that a very optimistic prediction would be to get within 8 feet of full by the end of June or the first week of July, but that the reservoir is not expected to fill.

New members

   Two new members have joined the Chamber: Riverside Pizza and Pub, and Back Country Medics.

   Loren Whitten-Kaboth, Director of Clearwater County Economic Development, was introduced by Joe Pippenger.

Business after hours

   The next Business after Hours get-together will be held at Brookside Landing, Thursday, May 13, between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Community Clean-up

and Arbor Day

   The OCC is sponsoring community clean-up and Arbor Day Saturday, April 24, at the Orofino City Park, 7 a.m. to 12 noon. Chamber members are responsible for clean-up of Heritage Plaza.

Chamber packets

   Heather Burnham, Executive Director, is requesting member businesses provide brochures and information about their companies for the packets that are given out to visitors and mailed to interested businesses.

Next meeting

   Representatives of the Pierce- Weippe and Kamiah Chambers of Commerce, will visit at the next regular meeting. The meeting is scheduled for April 21, at 12 noon, at the Ponderosa Restaurant.