APRIL 8, 2010

Michael Skinner is pictured in a pinning combination for a win that brought him out to the third-fourth place challenge.

Skinner places in regional championships

   Michael Skinner of Orofino wrestled in the Northwest Cadet and Junior Regional Championships at Battle Ground, WA, March 26-28. He took third place in Greco style wrestling.

   There were wrestlers from California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

   All wrestlers that placed in the top three qualify to wrestle in Fargo, ND in the national championships.

   Idaho state championships will be held in Lewiston, on April 16 and 17.

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Local track bests

   Here are the top outdoor marks to date for season for local track field athletes. Hand times are rounded up to the nearest tenth of a second. Where tenths were unreported, times have been rounded up to the nearest second.


800 - Taylor Hewett, Cul, 2:21.2. Emily Paradis, Mos, 2:25.7. Kelsey Guzman, Lew, 2:31.8. Tessa Nelson, Pul, 2:32.2. Heather Wilson, Log, 2:33.5. Aspen Jared, Tim, 2:38.1.

800 relay - Grangeville 1:56.3. Pullman 1:58.8. Asotin 1:59.3. Kamiah 1:59.3. Lewiston 1:59.85. Timberline 2:02.5.

Medley relay - Grangeville 2:04.9. Timberline 2:06.5. Kamiah 2:08.2. Prairie 2:10.3. Orofino 2:17.7. Highland 2:20.4.

Pole vault - Monique Stamper, Oro, 10-0. Brielle Hocking, Pom, 8-9. Jamie Gates, Lew, 8-6. Anne Eimers, Gra, 7-6.

Long jump - Anna Guo, Pul, 17-2. Chelsea Lundgren, Lew, 16-1. Makayla Schaeffer, Pra, 15-5. Katie Nemeth, Oro, 15-31/2. Triple jump - Anna Guo, Pul, 35-1. Chelsea Lundgren, Lew, 34-61/4. Danica Case, Troy, 32-51/2. Katie Nemeth, Oro, 30-10. Megan Phillips, Kam, 29-8.


200 - Camden Bernatz, Lew, 23.09. Chris Schrette, Lew, 23.2. Kyle Curtice, Ken, 23.4. Derrel Russel, Mos, 23.45. Eric Fleming, Oro, 24.0.

800 - Aaron Davis, Mos, 2:07.7. Austin Blain, Tim, 2:08.3. Blake Warner, Ken, 2:08.6. Nic Carey, Clk, 2:08.8. Andrew Waltermire, Lew, 2:09.5. Alex Kuykendall, Oro, 2:09.8.

1600 - Ian Engerbretson, Log, 4:47.5. Aaron Davis, Mos, 4:48.1. Austin Blain, Tim, 4:49.8. Brock Heath, Pra, 4:51.4.

3200 - Austin Blain, Tim, 10:17.7. Brock Heath, Pra, 10:31.2. Adam Storey, Mos, 10:32.76.

400 relay - Moscow 45.52. Kamiah 46.7. Lapwai 47.1. Orofino 47.6. Asotin 47.7. Pullman 47.7.

800 relay - Lewiston 1:35.76. Orofino 1:38.1. Kamiah 1:38.3. Lapwai 1:38.4. Grangeville 1:38.6. Kendrick 1:39.4.

Medley relay - Timberline 3:59.3. Kamiah 4:05.1. Logos 4:05.4. Grangeville 4:08.2.

1600 relay - Lewiston 3:36.18. Kamiah 3:43.0. Orofino 3:44.5. Clarkston 3:46.4. Moscow 3:46.7. Troy 3:47.9.

Pole vault - Ben Fitzsimmons, Lew, 13-6. Ronnie Johnson, Lap, 11-0. Matt Morris, Mos, 11-0. Steve Elsbury, Oro, 10-6. Jacob Lloyd, Kam, 10-6. Tucker Medel, Kam, 10-6.

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Orofino competes in three-team match

   In the golf competition at Bryden Canyon Golf Course on April 5, Kendrick claimed its first victory of the season, over Lewiston JV II and Orofino. Kendrick's Austin Hall turned in an 80 for the lowest score.

   Weather conditions were the early concern, but the true challenge turned out to be putting on the recently plugged greens.

Team scores - Kendrick 349, Lewiston JV II 350, Orofino 437.

Medalist - Austin Hall, Kendrick, 80.

Other Kendrick Individuals - Tyler Burke 89, Brandon Eggers 83, Dylon Scott 97, Chet Christopher 112.

Lewiston JV II - Tyler MacMillan 85, Bryce Krall 82, Bryce Wittman 91, Brandon Atchley 92.

Orofino - Chris Tallmage 104, Chandler Lytle 116, Justin Smith 112, Abraham Guitron 114, Dusty Kellar 107.

Orofino Girls scores - Vanessa Martress – 97, Amanda Bonner – 128.

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The 2010 Orofino High School Golf Team

By Randy Steiner

   The roster for the Maniac Golf team this year is: Boys – Dylan Ford, Clint Garrett, Thad Goodrich, Abraham Guitron, Austin Hengen, Dusty Kellar, Cody Kleer-Larsen, Chandler Lytle, Justin Smith and Chris Tallmadge. The girls are Amanda Bonner, Vanessa Martress, Jenni McPherson and Beth Salzman. Of them all, most have just one year, or less experience playing golf, so it’s a constant learning process.

   The team is coached by Ashley Sartini who is assisted by Brandy Kellar, Matt Sartini and Randy Steiner and occasionally Shaquille Burke. We’ve been practicing since March 1 and several things have happened since. The team did some fundraising to guarantee its existence since no funding is available for our sport via the school system. Due to the outstanding generosity of the community; we are on our way to securing enough moneys to fund the entire year.

   Those efforts will be bolstered by a fundraising golf tournament at the Orofino Golf and Country Club this upcoming Saturday, April 10. It will be a four person scramble event and all funds raised will benefit youth golf for the Orofino and Kendrick high school teams. If you’re not doing anything, plan on coming out and having fun in the sun while supporting youth golf. If you don’t have partners, don’t worry, we’ll find you some.

   The golf team couldn’t exist without the community’s generosity and the support of both of the local golf courses. Kayler’s Bend hosts high school practices on Mondays and Tuesdays, plus an optional practice on Friday while Wednesday and Thursday find the team at the Orofino Golf and Country Club (OG&CC).

   We wish to extend our thanks to the Kayler family and the Board of Directors at OG&CC for their support. Also, special thanks to Skip Wilson and Monte Davis for supplying hundreds of golf balls they’ve found in their safaris off the fairways. Those used balls help immensely.

   The Maniacs have participated in two matches so far, both at Asotin’s Quail Ridge Golf Course and have a match Monday at Lewiston’s Bryden Canyon. The scores for March 18 were Boys: Chris Tallmadge – 49, Austin Hengen – 57, Dusty Kellar – 61, Justin Smith – 62, Dylan Ford – 64 and Abraham Guitron – 69.

   The girls scores posted were: Vanessa Martress – 56, Jenni McPherson – 69 and Amanda Bonner – 71. Not only was it the first match of the year, and for many on the team, their first match ever, but the conditions were nasty. It was extremely windy and cold, two things that don’t go along well with golf.

   On March 25, the Maniacs were again at Asotin and the players that got a chance to play again showed marked improvement. Boys:  Justin Smith – 45 (-17), Chris Tallmadge – 47 (-2), Dusty Kellar – 49 (-12) and Cody Kleer-Larson – 66 who didn’t play the first week. The girls were just two, Amanda Bonner scored 59 (-12) and Vanessa Martress also had a 59.

   Scores for the match at Bryden Canyon, Monday, April 5 will appear separately in the sports section. This is just the beginning of a long process for the team that will culminate in Districts and hopefully State later in the year.

   You can support the Maniac Golf Team by playing this weekend in the fundraising tourney or by contacting Ashley and Matt Sartini at 476-3271, or Randy Steiner at 476-5106.

   Anything helps, golf is an expensive sport to participate in and we have to travel at least twice where we’ll stay overnight. Thanks again for your support.

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