APRIL 8, 2010

Where have all our children gone?

   This week’s Mystery Children were born in Moscow and moved to Orofino at the age of one. Both graduated from OHS. He played football, she played volleyball. Each will celebrate their 40th birthday  this week

   Can you guess this week’s Mystery Children?

   Last week’s Mystery Child was Lois Jean (Myers) Bird.

   Lois was a 1945 graduate of OHS, married Earl Bird and raised three children (Kathy, Howard, and Bill). Besides flower and vegetable gardening and berry picking, she enjoyed needlework, quilting, and most of all, sewing. She was a 4-H sewing leader for 20 years and a member of the Grange for 50 years.

   While friends Charley and Laura Holzhey operated the locker plant, she worked during hunting season as a meat cutter. For a number of years she worked for the Clearwater County Fair Board and later as secretary for Norm Fitzsimmons, County Extension Agent.

   Lois now lives at Brookside Landing with her companion Wayne (Perk) Perkins. She turns 83 on Wednesday, April 7.

   Jo McGill was the first person to correctly identify last week’s Mystery Child. Many others also called in to identify Lois Jean, including Shirley Seeley, Donna Dykes, Everett and Barbara Martin, Wilhamina Beck, Gerri Lemmon, Marie Vanderpool, Shirley Lutes, Kyle Latham, Sandy Goffinet, Aretha Chilton, Carol Frederiksen, Melva Calland, Lori Kaufman, Norma Carpenter, Denny Williams, Diane Tuning, Janie Mowery Boston, Stella Routh for Sharon Spencer, Donna Mullikin, Marilyn Walker, Sue White and Steve Olin of Bessie, OK.

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