APRIL 1, 2010

Spotter training in Orofino April 14

   The National Weather Service in Missoula is looking for volunteer severe weather spotters in Clearwater County. A severe weather spotter training session will be held Wednesday, April 14 at 7 p.m. at the Orofino High School, 300 Dunlap Road, Orofino.

   Severe weather spotters volunteer their time to assist the National Weather Service to issue more timely and accurate warnings. During periods of inclement or severe weather, spotters will call the National Weather Service toll free number to report significant weather in or near their area. Significant weather criteria are established by the weather service to assist spotters in knowing when to call in a report.  Also spotters may be called by the National Weather Service Missoula when the Missoula Doppler Radar indicates significant weather at or near their location. 

   Training material is given to all spotters to help understand meteorology and severe weather.  From time to time spotter training sessions are held to further train spotters. Also a newsletter is sent out twice a year. This publication contains various weather articles and information, spotter reports, climatology and much more.

   If you are interested in becoming a severe weather spotter, please attend one of the training sessions or contact Trent Smith, Forecaster/Spotter Program Manager at 406-329-4840, or