APRIL 1, 2010

Pierce NewsÖ

by Leslie Potratz 464-1023

What a leak

   The City has processed 2.9 million gallons or 51 percent less water in 23 days of March of this year compared to 23 day in March 2007. This is due to leaks in the main lines and at peopleís homes being repaired.
Sample billing for the new metered system was sent out in this months water bills, you will receive one more month of the sample billing and in May the new

   The new meter system is able to tell exactly how many daysí usage, intermittent leaks or continuous leaks at each meter. The readings are done with a handheld computer then transferred into the billing system at City Hall.

No more ice

   S&S Foods has once again brought modernization to our little town! No more open faced antique freezers, we are right uptown with stand up freezers with glass doors. The days of continuous compressors running and ice build up are gone; soon the dairy section will also be updated. Many items have been discontinued and new products coming in.

Friendship Run

   Robbie Harrell of the Timber Inn is working diligently for the return of the annual "Friendship Run" held over Labor Day week end. Robbie always plays an important role in organizing this event as well as many others. The run is attended by "bikers" of all walks of life from the entire state coming to Pierce for 3 days. They usually have a fun run, a bike rodeo which is great for spectators and bikers church on Sunday.

   This event has the support from the City of Pierce, Pierce/Weippe Chamber, Pierce Gem Team and the Timberline Lionís Club.

Pierce/Weippe Trailriders

   The newly reformed club will be hosting their meeting this Friday at 7 pm at the Lionís Club. They have made the purchase of a Suzuki 250 for the raffle drawing to be held 1860 Days. A memberís ride will be held on Saturday.

Pioneer Medical Clinic

   The clinic is open Monday through Thursday every week from 9 am-12 and 1-5 pm. Dr. Jenkins will be there on April 15, May 6 and May 20. For appointments call 464-2578.


   As most people already know Joey, Susanne, Nick and baby Kylie will be here to visit over Easter for one week. Iím really excited to spend Kylies first Easter with her. Feel free to share your family news :)