APRIL 1, 2010

5 Years Ago

    Jeremy Engle, a senior at Orofino High School, is credited with pulling a Timberline student free from a 120 live ground wire that he grabbed hold of at the Kamiah High School Track Field. Both boys could feel the electric current going through their bodies, but suffered no ill effects,

    Orofino High School girl’s softball players are Taylor Crawford, Jessica Lott, Britney Tanksley, Kacie Presnell, Kayliah Knapp, Jackie Wessels, Sabrina Martinez, Alyssa Schrader, Brenna Smith, Hailey Brown, Jessica Roby, Tawnya Brink, Kelsey Stemrich, Stephanie Montambo, Keela Sykes, Sonya Pardue, Savannah Crawford, Capri Savage, Jessica Gasaway and Carol Mudick.

25 Years Ago

   June 1 has been set as the target opening date for two new Sunset Mart Stores opening in Orofino and Pierce.

30 Years Ago

    Youth Legislature delegates from Orofino High School will be taking a bill to the April session. Their proposed bill is the storage of atomic waste in Idaho. Going to the legislature are Kolleen Bray, Rob Miller, Chris Simpson, Deann Arnholtz, Laura Halbmaier and Sue Craft. Ted Scoles is their advisor.

   Marriage vows were exchanged by Erin (Susie) Henson and Chris Marvin Feb. 9 at the First Church of the Nazarene.

    Orofino Junior High boy’s wrestling team recently completed a highly successful season. Wrestlers were Rob Miller, Steve Dempsey, Brad Hollibuagh, Mike Coke, Jerry Skinner, Danny Smith, Alex Weddle, Dave Hughan, Russell Pederson, Brad Cuddy, Mike Schwartz, Fred Stackpole, Dave Schwartz, Brad Shepherd, Kacey Montgomery, Brian Hill. Jess Spencer, Fred Huggins, Robby Ewing, Todd Chamberlain and Dan Boyd.

   Dennis Reinhardt was patrol leader for March assisted by Butch Stillmock and Tom Greer.

35 Years Ago

   Julie Seeley and Erlene Pickett have been chosen to attend Girl’s State  with Sue Stanton and Laura Bryant as alternates.      

   Effective March 25, 1975, Orofino was accepted into the flood insurance program with the city accepting certain minimum flood plan management measures with minimum elevation and floor foundation safeguards.

40 Years Ago

   Orofino Ward L.D.S. Church is breaking ground for a new $122,000 church.

    Tom Roof, Bruce Yenni, Mellisa Green and Bruce Noble are delegated to Idaho Youth Legislature. 

    Dick Stoddard bested the old pole vault record set by George Makela at O.H.S, set in 1938. Dick’s jump was 12 feet 2 inches.

   Tammy Olsen, Jennie Jasper, Rick School, Shirley Carlock and Mellisa Green are the new O.H.S. Yell Leaders for the coming year.

   Purchase of the remaining interest in Walrath Building at the corner of Johnson and Colleges Avenues was completed by T.M. Walrath and his late brother’s children, Failey J. Walrath. The front portion of the building was built by Jim Blake.

50 Years Ago

   Orofino City Council has set a hearing deeding up to five acres to the State of Idaho for enlargement of the state forestry office and the development of a new National Guard.

   Official temperatures reached a high of 82 degrees on March 21, the Orofino Weather Station reports. Five other days this week ranged from 71 to 77 degrees.

55 Years Ago

   Raymond Geidl 11, and Roger Gambs, 13, each hauled in large 36" steelhead salmon weighing about 15 pounds each at Peck this week.

60 years Ago

   After 35 years Crockett’s Hardware has quit business.

70 Years Ago

   Four schools with less than 10 students have been denied state funds next year including Fords Creek, Loseth School, District 9 at Dent and the Ok school near Weippe.