APRIL 1, 2010

Stormy weather in Fraser?

By Norma Brand

   Itís April first today, ďAPRIL FOOLS DAY.Ē Did Mother Nature get the last laugh, and end the month of March with another storm?

   On Monday, the forecasts in the newspaper, on the television and on the NOAO radio station were consistent. Each one predicted rain, winds, possibly and thunderstorm, and snow for this whole week. Fraser did get a thunderstorm on Monday afternoon, and a report came in from Doris Peterson that some parts of Orofino received hail.

   The weather during the past week was perfect for getting the flowerbeds and fields ready for another growing season. The farmers in Fraser have been fertilizing the winter wheat fields. According to Donna Brown, their family will start seeding spring wheat if the weather cooperates.

News about the past

   Bertys Parsley was born on Oct. 18, 1919; she and her family lived in Antoine, WA before moving to Idaho. They spent a summer in Orofino before settling in Weippe. She attended the dances that were held at the Weippe Community Center, this is where she met a young man named Wallace Smolinski. On August 29, 1936, she was Wallace were married at the Methodist Church in Clarkston, WA. They traveled to Northern Idaho, Seattle and Portland on their honeymoon. Wallacesí parents, John and Rilla Smolinski, retired from farming and moved to Lewiston. The newlyweds settled down on the family farm. She and Wallace raised three children; Shirley, Betty and Jerry, while living on the home place.

   The Smolinskis sold the farm to Mac and Crystal McKinnon and moved to Weippe in 1948. They returned to Fraser one year later and purchased the Ralph Morlock place, which is now owned by Bill McKinnon. After living in Lewiston for seven years they moved back to Weippe. Wallace died in Dec. 2001 and Bertys moved to Orofino in July of 2003. She is now living back in Fraser with her daughter Shirley Lutes and her husband Keith.

   Bertys has lots of stories about her life on the farm, ask her about them the next time you visit with her.

   Marge High Vigue lived in Weippe and graduated from Weippe High School. She telephoned Norma last Tuesday to tell her how much she enjoyed reading the Fraser News column in the Clearwater Tribune. The column is a way for her to keep in touch with the area residents. She returned to Fraser several years ago to attend the All School Reunion, and stayed with Caryl and Jack Smolinski. Marge lived with her Uncle Fred Schroder and his wife while she attended school. She worked at Benny Durantís store in Weippe, then worked at one of the Potlatch logging camps where she met and married D.W. Durham.

   After Marge and D.W. separated, she married Bill Vigue and they moved to Superior, MT.

   According to Marge, her husband Bill had subscribed to the paper longer than anyone around, and after his death she continued the subscription. Some of you readers may remember Billís father, William Vigue. He owned his own logging operation and worked in the Fraser area. Thanks for the telephone call, Marge, itís a pleasure to know you enjoy reading the column.

Back to the present

   Bev and Barry Bailey invited guests to their home for dinner on Saturday. Greg and Sandy Lyda drove to their home from Orofino and Win and Sue Green came from Peck. Bev and Barryís daughter Kim Cox, her husband, Toby, and their son Connor and Bevís father Jack Smolinski also joined the group. Everyone enjoyed visiting while they had dinner.

   Mike and Linda Beard enjoyed a visit from Mikeís son Mark last weekend. He arrived on Thursday and returned to Bremerton, WA on Sunday. After Mark left John and Carol Tickard from California arrived for a short visit.

   Last Saturday Linda drove to Lewiston to bowl in the Idaho State Bowling Competition. She had a great time and was really pleased with her final score. Good job, Linda.

   Shirley Lutes and her mother Bertys Smolinski joined the Pinochle Party at the Rebekahís Lodge in Weippe last Sunday. There were enough players for six tables, and everyone had a good time.

   Donna and Danny Brown enjoyed a visit from their son Brad over the weekend.

   Janet Kingen is busy contacting people for the Motherís Day Prime Rib Dinner, which will be held at the Fraser Community Center on Saturday, May 8. Contact her at 435-4439 to reserve your tickets. Adults $15, ages 6-12 $6 and ages 5 and under are free. See you there!

   The Brands met Dale and Jilinda Hauntz in Orofino last Tuesday. They are the owners of Jilindaís Restaurant between Kamiah and Kooskia. They have leased the Restaurant out, it is now called Adines. The Hauntz will reopen the gas station next door to the restaurant. It will be called Dale and Jils Sporting Goods Store. It was a pleasure to meet Dale and Jilinda and we wish them the best of luck. They hope to be open around the first of May.

   Peggy and Reggie Ball celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with lunch at the Edge Restaurant in Orofino.

   Robert Brown and his two children, Sidney and Conner, traveled to Fraser from his home in Portland, OR to visit his mother Clarabell. While he was here he also took time to visit his Aunt Marie Green.

   Mike Green is back at the farm in Fraser after a vacation trip that took him and two friends to the Caribbean.

   Happy Birthday goes out to Alisha Stuart on April 2, to Tony Christopherson on April 5 and Abigail Brown on April 6.

   Happy Anniversary goes out to Gerry and Marie Armitage on April 4.

   Happy Easter to everyone from the Fraser Community.

Wolf kill on Four Mile Road

   Molly Eastman telephoned Norma on Tuesday morning to report a wolf killing on their property. One of Mollyís prize Morgan horses was attacked in the corral near their house; her husband Gene found the horse Monday morning. Mollyís description of the attack was too horrible to put into print.

   They reported the killing to Idaho Fish and Game, now Molly is worried about how she can protect the rest of the horses. The Eastmans want to warn residents in the area to be especially careful when you are outside, if these wolves will attack and kill a horse, they may attack a person.

   What a tragedy! Words cannot express how sorry we are for your loss.

Pictured top: Bertys Parsley and Wallace Smolinski on their wedding day, August 29, 1919.

Pictured bottom: Bertys and Wallace Smolinski on their 65th wedding anniversary 2001.