APRIL 1, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Lower county roads open to heavy hauling

   It was decided at the March 22 Clearwater County Board of Commissioners meeting the road restrictions could be released in the lower elevations.  The farmers are plowing fields that are dry enough. The Commissioners approved the motion to open the lower county roads to heavy hauling; except for Upper Fords Creek Road, Grangemont Road and its side roads, Loseth and Mason Butte roads.  

Citizen Corps Grant

   Emergency Management Administrator, Don Gardner, presented the Joint Powers Agreement for the 2007 Citizen Corps Grant. The agreement is between the five district counties to establish a Joint Regional citizen Corps Council to initiate, maintain and determine the expenditure of such funds within the boundaries of the five Counties and authorizes Nez Perce County to be the sole administering agency for maintaining a budget for payment of expenses incurred and receipt and disbursement of all funds in relation to grant monies.  The Board signed the Joint Powers Agreement for the 2007 Citizen Corps Grant.

Expense and payroll claims

   The Board approved and signed expense and payroll claims. They also approved the request from Clearwater County Fair Board to appoint Alan Hengen to replace Ed Wilkenson. The Board approved declaring April Fair Housing Month.

CVH remodel and land purchase

   An update on Clearwater Valley Hospital remodel and land purchase was discussed with CEO Casey Meza and Facility Manager Pat Watkins.  The survey of State Hospital North property was reviewed.

   Three executive sessions were held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen were present for the meeting.