APRIL 1, 2010

ITD, law enforcement agencies target aggressive drivers April 1-12

   The Idaho Transportation Department is partnering with Orofino Police Department and other law enforcement agencies across Idaho to make highways safer by funding high visibility aggressive driving patrols April 1 – 12.

   During the aggressive driving campaign, Idaho law enforcement officers will increase enforcement of speed limits and traffic laws.

   Drivers must recognize what aggressive driving is, understand the risk, and know they will be ticketed if they choose to drive aggressively.

   Tailgating, changing lanes without warning, speeding, running red lights, following too closely, or failing to yield are all indicators that you are an aggressive driver, according to ITD’s Office of Highway Operations and Safety.

   Aggressive driving is a serious problem in Orofino, causing most traffic accidents. Any one or combination of these behaviors can lead to serious injury or death.

   More than two thirds of fatal aggressive driving crashes in Idaho occurred in rural areas where higher speed limits are usually in place.