MARCH 25, 2010

READY TO GO-Belinda Routh, assistant fire chief of the Upper Fords Creek Fire District holds her radio as she stands by a fire truck during  training Sunday at the Clearwater Fire Academy. She was among 262 other fire fighting personnel attending the Academy. Charlie Pottenger photo

Clearwater Fire Academy attracts 263 students

   The three day Clearwater Fire Academy in Orofino this past weekend attracted 263 fire fighting students from 25 different fire districts in the state according to Mike Lee, Orofino Fire Chief who is president of the association.

   This is the fifth year the Academy has been held in Orofino.

   Training included classes in wildfire fighting, engine apparatus and maintenance, extrication, arson, international fire code and engine operations on what to do at a fire scene.

   May Day classes were taught to instruct students as how to declare May Day when lost or trapped inside a building.

   All the training is state certified with state instructors. All students completing the classes are given a certificate. Funding for the academy is provided partially by Lewis Clark State College and Bureau of Land Management.

   Classes were held at the Orofino EMS building, the downtown fire station, C-TPA and the Orofino High School. Lee said nine different fire fighting supply vendors were set up at the school.

   Lee said there are four Fire Academies in Idaho, one here, one up north and two in southern Idaho.