MARCH 25, 2010

Clearwater County declarations of candidacy 2010

   The following candidates have declared their intent to run for office in Clearwater County in the primary election to be held May 25, 2010.


   District 2, Clearwater County Commissioner, Stan Leach (R) incumbent; is running against Clel Fay (R).

   District 3, Clearwater County Commissioner, John Allen (D) incumbent; is running against Carole K. Galloway (R).


   District 3, Clearwater County Clerk/Auditor/Recorder, Carrie Bird (D) incumbent, is running for re-election.


   Clearwater County Assessor, Mellisa Stewart (D) incumbent, is running for re-election.

Treasurer/Tax Collector

   Clearwater County Treasurer-Tax Collector, Jeannie Johnson is retiring after 18 years in that position

   Dawn Erlewine (D); and David A. King (R) are contesting for that office.


   Clearwater County Coroner Jess Mechling is retiring, Steve McGill (D) and Will Rambeau (R) are in a race for the position of Coroner.

Precinct Committees

   Precinct 1, Marguerite McLaughlin (D); Henry Carpenter (R).

   Precinct 2, Charley Mosier (D); Alan K. Hengen (R).

   Precinct 4, John Allen (D); Reuby Curfman (R); Ted Leach (R).

   Precinct 5, Jerry A. Nelsen (R); Harvey Kom (R).

   Precinct 6, Arnold R. (Pete) Kingen (D).

   Precinct 7, Morris E. Hardman (R).

   Precinct 8, Carole K. Galloway (R).

   Precinct 9, Camille Ebert (D); Betty Jean Stacy (R).

   Precinct 10, Kenneth W. Jones (D); Joy Hall (R).

   Precinct 11, LeeAnn Callear (R).

   Precinct 12, Ben Johnson (D).

   Precinct 14, Jon Walton (R).