MARCH 25, 2010

Orofino Chamber of Commerce

Postal and 911 update

U.S Postal Service

   Guest speakers for the Chamber meeting March 17, were Richard Kerschbaum,  Postmaster, and Penny Deyo of the Orofino Post Office, and Angela VanderPas, IT Administrator for Clearwater County.

Enhanced 911

   The focus of the talk was to update the community on the 911 Enhanced System which is assists emergency response teams (EMTs) in locating people in need. The system is about to enter Phase II, as certain areas have had to be readdressed for consistency.

    People often assume that when they call 911 for an emergency, that dispatchers are able to see their location. That is the end goal, but for now a person needs to identify their location. Cell phone calls are identified (triangulated) to the nearest tower but not to a personís home address. With more people dropping their landlines in favor of cell phones, it makes it increasingly difficult for emergency responders to know from what location a person is calling.

   Inland Cellular and Verizon phone companies are very proactive in getting more towers.

Updating your correspondents

   Kerschbaum recommended customers contact businesses and people who mail to you, to update them with your correct mailing information. Letters are scanned from the bottom up, so put your P.O. Box number below your street address.

   The Zip code is crucial for accurate service, but he advised that the four digit extension after the zip code (Zip + four) is no longer necessary due to the sophistication of the postal scanning equipment.

Street address changes

   By April 10, all customers in the county should have received an official letter of their address. If you need a copy of that letter, or have questions, please contact Angela VanderPas at 476-7262.  Email:

Post Office hours

   The official hours of post office changed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays primarily to speed up mail delivery. The last truck departs from the post office at 4:30 p.m., so mail that is dropped off by closing time will still make that truck. Previously, it would have been held until the following day. The post office still serves a nine hour day, however there is no delivery on Saturday. The building is open to pick up mail between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Business after Hours

   The next Chamber Business after Hours gathering is scheduled for April 8, at 6 p.m. at LCSC Outreach, 2200 Michigan Avenue, Orofino.

Spring Round-up

   The annual Spring Round-up and elk calling contest will be held April 10. The Chamber will be sponsoring a beer/wine tent.

Kingís benefit

   Kings Department Store will be holding a visit from the Easter bunny for kids, April 3, from noon to 4 p.m. A gift will be given every half hour and 10% of the proceeds of sales during those hours will go to benefit CVHC hospital fund.

Next Meeting

   The next regular meeting, is scheduled for April 7, at 12 noon at the Ponderosa Restaurant.