MARCH 18, 2010

March enrollment down from last year

   An executive session of the Joint School District 171 was held by board members March 15 at Orofino High School. The session was to discuss deliberations concerning labor negotiations and to consider hiring an individual agent.


   March enrollment was at 1134 students – less one student from this time last month and less 86 students from this time last year.

   Pierce/Weippe update

   Superintendent Dale Durkee thanked Ed Hildebrand and Jeff Fleming for efficiently draining water and insulating Pierce and Weippe Elementary Schools.

School funding projections

   Legislators anticipate completing the legislative session possibly by March 26; only preliminary figures on state revenue are available to date. A state revenue loss of $723,451, for the district is possible. The proposed numbers still need to be confirmed in the House and Senate.

   Blue Cross reports a likely 8 – 10 percent ($132,000+) increase in health insurance costs will occur. In the past, Federal Forest and/or General Fund programs supplemented several programs such as CATT – Strength Based Intervention Grant, Medicaid, and the Food Service Program.

   Staffing changes of 7th and 8th grade student, transferring to Orofino Elementary and Orofino High school respectively, will be at its state allowance of full time equivalencies (certified personnel). If students were to remain at OJHS, with recent resignations, there would be a need to hire two teachers again. Mr. Durkee reported that there may be a possible five percent holdback of funds in the 2010-11 year, according to the State Department.

   The School Facility Workgroup met two times. They viewed the OES kitchen area and its bus loading zone. The administration recommended six new classrooms be added to OHS and four new classrooms be added to TS. The next public meeting is April 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the District office.

   Principals, head teachers, and directors for the school district presented information about their schools and programs.

Action items

   Second readings were heard of the following policies: 5320 Drug and Alcohol-free Workplace; 5320P Drug and Alcohol Abuse testing program and procedures; 5320F1 Drug and Alcohol Abuse testing acknowledgement; and 5320F2 Drug and Alcohol Abuse testing agreement.

   The following addition was made in policy 5320 (paragraph two) “The workplace shall include any place in which an employee is supervising or otherwise responsible for students and shall not be limited to a physical location.” A unanimous vote was taken to approve the second reading of the above policies including the amendment.

   The following Professional Development Goals were recommended:

   The Orofino School District #171 will expand professional development opportunities located at Timberline and Orofino by utilizing the following, but not limited to: self directed study; Webinars; teleconferencing between buildings; and offering incentives to staff.

   The district will provide professional development opportunities to improve proficiency in the following areas: math, and science.

   The district will endeavor to maximize the effective use of our resources by providing professional development opportunities in the areas of: differentiated instruction; classroom management; data based decision making; Aimsweb; and Idaho content standards.

   The goals were approved by a unanimous vote.

   A recommendation was made to put the topic of the housing of Orofino Jr. High School students on the agenda of a special board meeting to take place Tuesday, April 6, at 7 p.m. at the Orofino High School cafeteria for further deliberation. Chairman Ebert approved that request.