MARCH 18, 2010

15 Years Ago

   Dominic Ponozzo and Kathy Stanton will be married May 27 at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Orofino.

   Bald Mountain ski team members are Travis Barlow, Jeremy Hartig, Ryan Miles, Joey Myers, Bob Zimmerman, Jana Walde, Michelle Crutcher, Derrick Quigley, Denver Quigley, Bob Quigley, Andrea Clark, Hanna Nedoma, Felicia Brown, Tasha Carlson, Mica Smith, Philip Nedoma and Gardner Quigley.

20 Years Ago

   The Orofino Junior High boys’ wrestling team completed a highly successful season, winning all their dual meets and placing first in all but one tournament. Team members are Rob Miller, Steve Dempsey, Brad Hollibaugh, Mike Cooke, Jerry Skinner, Danny Smith, Alex Weddell, Dave Hughan, Russell Pedersen, Brad Cuddy, Mike Schwartz, Fred Stackpole, Dave Schwartz, Brad Shepherd, Kacey Montgomery, Brian Hill, Jess Spencer, Fred Huggins, Robby Ewing, Todd Chamberlain, Hank Goodwin, Ed Routh, John Smith and Dan Boyd.

25 Years Ago

     Audra Phillips was named Timberline’s Junior Miss and Teresa Anderson was the first runner-up.

   Orofino High School boys’ track team members are Doug Case, Harold Bloom, Jeff Dugger, Brad Pfefferkorn, Tim Newland, Danny Reinhardt, Dave Hughan, Jason Grindall, Shayne Heine, Todd Hicks, Steve Lee, Jeff Farley, Darrell Markuson, Bobby Thomason, Ron Richardson, Doug Weldy, Scott Cole, Aaron Thornton, Scott Summers, Eric Bush, Jim McCall, Adam Sharrai, Will Graham, Brent Furston, Tim Beck, Dan Richardson, Kacey Montgomery, Doug Stuffle, John Annis, Todd Bates and Derek Anderson.

    Denny Reinhardt has been nominated by the Idaho Regional Judging to receive an award from the U.S. Achievement Academy. Denny is a senior at Orofino High School and received the award in speech and drama.

30 Years Ago

   March patrol leaders at Orofino Elementary are Dennis Reinhardt, Butch Stillmock and Tom Green.

    Dan Richardson has asked the county planning board to change the zoning on land around Williams Island from commercial to manufacturing.

    Gospel Hump Wilderness has changed the allowable cut on the Nez Perce National Forest to 112 million feet, about 77 percent of the 144.5 million programmed previously.

35 Years Ago

   On sale this week at P.J. Ford is a 1975 Ford Grand Torino, two door, HDT, 351, V8, radial tires, A/C, radio, tinted glass, only $4,966.72.

   The University of Idaho women’s basketball team ended their season with an 8-6 record. Among the three top players was Darcy Aldrich of Orofino, the team’s top rebounder.

   Recording artists will present a two-hour show at the Orofino High School, sponsored by Orofino Celebrations, Inc. Buddy Allen and Pat Roberts and The Drifters will join Sheba Woolly.

40 Years Ago

    Bill Shamion and Jim Bessent, officers of the Orofino Boosters Club, presented checks to Mrs. Harvey Reinman to assist in the cost of student busses which will accompany the champion district basketball team to the A-2 state tournament in Pocatello.

45 Years Ago

   Plans for a new four-lane highway are in the making. State Highway and the City of Orofino have been working this past week on a proposed four-lane roadway on Highway 12 west of Orofino and Riverside.

   The mayor and city council have found that the city pavilion has outlived its service. They feel the land can better be used for better purposes and the structure is increasingly difficult to maintain.  

   The December floods in Clearwater County did a total of $156,635 damage.  Washout and slides caused the greatest damage.

55 Years Ago

   Bob Titus won Orofino’s only victory at the Southwestern Washington district boxing tournament at Colfax.

   Red McCollister and Whitely Welland are using dozers to open snow blocked roads to Camp T so crews can start building wanigans for the annual log drive

75 Years Ago

   The rock crushing plant installed at the mouth of Orofino Creek by the City of Orofino resumed operations and will continue for the entire week. This decision was made at a special session of the City Council, at which time plans were also completed for sowing of the airport below town to Blue Grass.

  Remodeling of the Orofino High School was resumed when work was started on the shower and locker portion of the new structure with relief labor.