MARCH 18, 2010

Diary of a forester, Eugene William Langdon

   This account is an ongoing series featuring text from the handwritten diary of a former Forest Ranger, Eugene William Langdon (1883 1967).

   Langdon was born in Missouri and moved to Idaho in 1890. His diary spans the time period from May 15, 1913 through May 31, 1914 and was furnished to the Clearwater Tribune by his grandson, Pete Curfman retired Commissioner of Clearwater County.

   [Editorial note: diary is taken verbatim except where clarification is needed for reader understanding.]

Monday, September 8 1913

   Left Salmon Mt. R.S. and reached camp on Hells Half Acre Cr. with the mail and supplies for the guards.

   Geo. W. Hill started for home. It rained all a.m.

Tues, September 9 1913

   Assisted the 3 Guards in opening up the Munden trail to the divide between Hells Half Acre Cr. and Deep Cr. so now the Munden trail is open from the Selwa river to the Nezperce Pass.

   Wed, September 10 1913

   Moved camp over to the Pinical on the Salmon Mt. trail between the R.S. and the Selwayriver to finish swamping out the telephone right away and improving the trail.

Thurs, September 11 1913

   Cut out telephone line right away along the Salmon Mt and Selway trail

   Worked with the 3 Guards

Friday September 12 1913

   The same kind of labor preformed as on Sept. 11 with the same crew

   Moved camp over to the Salmon Mt. R.S. in the evening

Saturday, Sept 13 1913

   Left Salmon Mt. and reached Burnt Knob R.S. in company with the 3 Guards

   Talked to Ranger Moses and Mr Adams, superintendent of telephone construction

Sunday Sept 14 1913

Checked up the F.S. equipment of tools at Burnt Knob then went over to the Nezperce trail on the Burnt Knob divide

   They fixed the rim lock on the cabin door so it could be locked