MARCH 18, 2010

Employees of the Week

   John and Marie Myers would like to nominate the ladies at Wells Fargo Bank in Orofino as Employees of the Week. John and Marie were helping their grandson collect state quarters, and needed only three more to complete his collection.

   John mentioned this to the Wells Fargo Bank ladies, and they picked through their change to locate the remaining three quarters.

   “We’ve banked there for 20 years,” said Marie. “They are always going out of their way to do something nice.”

   Cathy and Don Jenni nominated Jeri and Samantha at Johnson’s Hallmark, saying, “They represent true, old fashioned, hometown service.”

   Terri Lashly has shopped at Barney’s for a very long time and got to know a lot of people who work there. They are all so helpful. But one she knows goes out of her way to say hi and also give a hug when needed, such as after Terri’s mom passed away. That person is Carmen Rinehart, at the service desk. She always greets people with a smile even when she is very busy.

   If you would like to name a local employee as Employee of the Week, you may phone the Clearwater Tribune at 476-4571, or email your candidate for Employee of the Week and why to

   This is a great way to recognize a customer service person that you feel is outstanding at their job.

   Callers may say why they choose this person and give a brief description, including the name of the business where the individual works.

   Callers need not identify themselves if they choose not to do so.