MARCH 18, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Board receives bids for magnesium chloride

   The Clearwater County Board of Commissioners held a bid opening for magnesium chloride for Clearwater Road and Bridge department and for Clearwater Highway District at the March 8 meeting. Bids solicited were for 400 tons of magnesium chloride delivered to Orofino and 400 tons delivered to Weippe. Three bids were received from the following vendors:

   EnviroTech Services, Inc. Delivered to Orofino - $100.77/ton, $40,308. Delivered to Weippe $101.11/ton - $40,444.00 for a total of $80,752.

   Roadwise, Inc. of Tacoma, WA. Delivered to Orofino - $99/ton, $39,600. Delivered to Weippe $103/ton, $41,200 for a total of $80,800.

   Atlas Sand& Rock, Inc. of Lewiston. Delivered to Orofino, $93/ton, $37,200. Delivered to Weippe $96/ton, $38,400.00 for a total of $75,600.00.

   The Board took the information under advisement and will make a decision after the road supervisor and highway district review the bids.


   Clerk Carrie Bird presented the request for authorization of a suitable number of ballots for the Primary and General Elections. This request is to provide each polling place with the number of printed ballot assemblies as set forth in listing of precincts. There would be a total of 100 ballot assemblies.

   There will be approximately 85% of the total registered voters used as the number for ballots; unless it is a mail out precinct then the ballots are provided at 100%.

   Also extra ballots will be necessary for same day registration, absentee voters, or replacement of spoiled ballots. The funding for ballots is out of the General Election fund.

Annual Clean Up Day

   Mo Paré notified the Board of the Annual Clean Up Day. The Rotary/Kiwanis Clubs have chosen April 24 as the date. The County and City of Orofino participate with collection sites for patrons to get rid of batteries, motor oil, tire and appliances free of charge.

Expense and payroll claims

   The Board approved and signed expense and payroll claims and approved and signed a letter of support to CEDA for the Broadband funding application and a letter of support for the Tribe’s Broadband Technology grant application.

   February 2010 expense claims were approved and ordered to be paid in the following amounts: Current Expense-$43,171.15; Road & Bridge-$23,699.31; Ambulance-$23,085.06; District Court-$4,734.59; Justice Fund-$49,778.42; Drug Court-$765.28; Interlock and Electronic Monitoring-$100.00; Social Services-$17,205.90; Parks and Recreation -$87.34; Revaluation-$3,875.10; Enhanced 911-$888.03; Solid Waste-$36,012.32; Current Expense Tort-$4,280.22; Weeds-$1,548.17; Snowmobile-$4,246.16; Waterways $1,788.17; Dent Bridge Trust-$24.95; Insurance & Grants-$18,600.86; Hospital Loan Trust Account-$6,712.58; DMV Trust 9112-$6.00; Court Trust 9110-$3,508.10. Total expenses for February were $244,117.71.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen were present for the meeting.