MARCH 18, 2010

Chilton resigns from Clearwater-Lewis Board of Community Guardians

   Aretha Chilton, who will turn 97 on April 8, recently resigned from the Clearwater-Lewis Board of Community Guardians. She was one of two charter members still serving on the board which was formed in the fall of 1991.

   The Board of Community Guardians acts as a guardian of last resort for people who have no family, friends or other interested persons to make decisions on their behalf when they are no longer able to act for themselves. The other charter member still serving on the board is Ellie Rideout from Kamiah.

   She has served the Orofino community in many capacities.  She retired from the U.S Forest Service in 1975 after working many years as an assistant personnel officer. Prior to staying home to raise her three children, she taught in the rural schools at Winona and Greer fro 10 years.

   Aretha was one of the first residents of Brookside Landing when it opened in 2000. She still lives in her own apartment and has remained quite independent. She engaged in beautiful woodworking for many years but has given that up and now concentrates on gorgeous hand-made greeting cards. She participates in many of the activities at Brookside Landing and enjoys staying active in her church.

   Thank you, Aretha for your many years of service on the Clearwater-Lewis Board of Community Guardians. Your dedication to others has been remarkable.