MARCH 11, 2010

Pierce News…

by Leslie Potratz 464-1023

March Sesquicentennial Event

   Sunday, March 14 at 2 p.m. marks the date for an old fashioned pie social at the Community Center. Featured guest speaker will be the Forest Service's own Robin Johnston, PHD historian and anthropologist. Robin's topic will be "The Interdependence of Communities on the Mining Frontier".

   Those of you who have heard Mr. Johnston before know this will be a presentation you won't want to miss. Pies and refreshments will be furnished for all to enjoy. Please mark your calendar and join us for a memorable event this Sunday. Miner's claim cards will be stamped at this gathering.

1860 Days

   Thanks to all of you for being at this important meeting! And for those who couldn't make it this time, there will be plenty of other chances!

   Those present were: Lori Franchini, Bob Blanke, Lonnie and Nancy Cowger, Diane and Greg Gerot, Lindsay Rukavina, Rob Harrell, Bill Young, Leia Van Hook, and Kathy Coles. (If I missed anyone, I do apologize! I didn't write your names down--we'll do that next time.)
Our bank account info for the coming year is: Reg. checking: $ 2957.01, and the CD: $3112.07. We know we have a tall order to deliver this year, being the 50th of 1860 Days and the 150th of Pierce. This is a good start financially.


   The theme for this year; discussion was favoring intertwining the two anniversaries, with emphasis on the sesquicentennial. The theme that was chosen was "1860 - 2010: 150 Years of Golden Memories". Start checking your attics and closets for those historical photos of yourself and the area-especially prior to 1860 Days events. We want to display as many photos as we can during the week end.

   The Crankers Club out of Lewiston is very interested in participating this year, and will include 1860 Days in their publicity. They will be coming up for Saturday only, and we discussed the need for a total participant count deadline, so we can accommodate the club properly. As soon as we have a press release, the Crankers will include it in their newsletters, etc.

Leia Van Hook heads up vendors

   Leia Van Hook has agreed to organize vendors again; some letters have gone out by mail and email. We currently have six (one in today) vendors; five food and one craft. There are about 17 spaces on Main Street, and past vendors who respond early receive their choice of space. Discussion of the amount of food vendors led to agreement that they should not be limited in number, just encourage variety.


   IDOT will be sending paperwork for the highway closure. Everyone was in agreement that we should get the permit for both Saturday and Sunday, even if we don't use it for Sunday. We will be asking IDOT about their itinerary of the highway repair. Reiterated that the closure pertains to all motorized vehicles for the hours events are held on Main St.

ATV Club

   Bill Young was introduced, from the ATV Club, he spoke about the clubs plans to purchase an ATV and publicize it in parades around the area during the summer. 1860 Days will share in the participation of parades, thereby publicizing both entities on one float. This will be coordinated further at the next meeting.

   Nancy Cowger stated that it would be the perfect time to begin selling drawing tickets/t-shirts, etc. Judy and Dennis McCollum have agreed to take on the parade coordination, and we will be getting out notices about the parade soon in press releases. It seems to be too early for registration, but we have a good database from last year's participants, so we will make sure they are contacted. Thank you Judy and Dennis!

Drawing prizes

   Drawing prizes: Dan Vaughan is donating a 1/2 oz. gold miner charm for our drawing again. Thanks, Dan!

   Butler Trailer Manufacturing has been contacted, and we don't know if they are willing to donate again. Various possible donors were mentioned, and we will be contacting them and others as they come to mind. This is something everyone needs to work on now, if we are going to begin soon.

   Butler Manufacturing and Jerry Coles will once again donate their trailers for the stage on Main Street.

Grand Marshal nominations

 1860 Days committee is asking for your input on nominations for Grand Marshal for this year. Also if you know anybody who has been Grand marshal in the past 50 years, let us know so we can contact them to be honored once again in the parade.
    Lindsay Rukavina introduced the invitation to build a hilltop coed softball team, to play in the tournament at 1860 Days. She is looking for more players, Lindsay and Autumn Lane would connect for information on that tournament. Lindsay's phone number is
464-1362 or 464-2274 if you have someone in mind who might be interested.

   The next meeting will be March 11 at 6pm at the Blue Moose. The schedule of events will be discussed among other topics. If you have any ideas, we invite you to be here at that time. This will be a great celebration, and everyone is encouraged to be involved. If you can't make the meeting, but wish to be heard, please call Kathy at 464 1083, or email at Thanks to all of you who make the meetings; this couldn't be done without you!

Senior fundraiser

   Krispy Kreme donuts are being sold by the senior Class. They are working towards taking a trip the week end before graduation. Contact me before March 22 to place your order.

Timberline Lions Club

   There will be a work party at the Club March 27, starts at 10 a.m. The Pierce Community Center and pool are arranging fundraisers for the operations cost of the pool. We received a letter from the manager: Brandi Crawford she reported that the Center will need about $13,000 to operate the pool for the upcoming fiscal year.

   The Lions voted to have a fundraiser for that particular project. Deadline for the CookBook recipes is March 25. So people that would like to add their favorite dishes to the book, need to bring them to the Club on or before that day. Our meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Thursday at 6 pm.

Pierce/Weippe ATV


   The first meeting held March 4 of the new season had a great turn out of 21 enthusiastic people. They held nominations and elections with Bill Young as president; Ben Johnson, vice-president; Julie Grandstaff and Alison Young will share the sec/treasurer position.

   The club decided to hold their meetings the 1st  Friday of each month 7 at pm at the Lion’s Club, followed by a club members trail ride the 1st Saturday of each month. The 1st trail ride had 14 riders (of all ages), they rode 31 miles through the Calhoun and Snake Ridge areas. They plan to have a Fun Run in June and to bring back the traditional 1860 Days ride August 7. The club will be sponsoring the give away of a Suzuki 250, with the drawing being held over 1860 Days.

Sesquicentennial Task Force meeting

    The next Task Force meeting will be held 7pm Thursday March 18th.  I am looking so forward to this time. It should be simply outstanding!
Thanks to Kathy Coles for getting out the flyers, Patricia Jacks for coordinating the event
(let us know how we can help), and to Leslie Potratz for getting it in the paper for us! See you there!

Historical Preservation

The Pierce Historical Preservation Committee is looking for a working, 16mm movie projector to view some of the movie reels that have been turned in for the DVD Project.  If you have one of these old projectors you are quite fortunate.

   We would only need the projector for one day, and would return it the next day to the owner. So far, we have collected some amazing footage and photos for the first "A Story 
of Pierce"

   If anyone has been hesitating to turn in photos or an old story of the town that we never want to lose, please do now as the project storyboard and acquired photos will be going to the photo technician the first of May.

   To turn in photos or deliver a 16mm projector, please contact Studio 205 or 464-1057.