MARCH 11, 2010

Clearwater Human Needs Council meets March 16

   Brandi Nelsen, Social Services director at Clearwater Health Rehabilitation, will be the speaker at the next general meeting of Clearwater Human Needs Council at noon Tuesday, March 16, at the Krystal Café.

   She will speak about current programs and needs at the facility.

   At a recent meeting, Clearwater County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Rick Miller (pictured) spoke about the Crisis Intervention Team and training that will soon be available locally for first responders so they can better work with people who have mental health needs and are involved with incidents.

   The program started in Memphis, TN for officers to give them ideas how to better deal with situations in which mental illness is a part. Those who go through the training learn:

§   Skills to recognize mental illness

§   How to deescalate situations

§   Where to take people in a crisis

§   How to follow up

   Miller and Orofino Police Department Officer Tyler Carson are the only law enforcement officers in Region Two that have completed the 40-hour training. They are now working on getting a class scheduled in the region for first responders, so more people can be trained. The CIT will respond to incidents in which mental illness issues are involved.

   Those who would like more information about the Crisis Intervention Team may contact Miller at CCSO, 476-4521.

   For further information about CHNC, email info@clearwater