MARCH 11, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

County voices concern on the operations of the specialty courts

   The Board of County Commissioners met March 1 with the District Court Administrating Judge Jeff Brudie and Magistrate Court Administering Judge Jay Gaskill; Clerk Carrie Bird, Judge Robinson, Judge Bradbury and Law Clerk Mike Cousburo. The administrators are meeting with County Commissioners within their district to discuss the court operations. The 2009 Idaho Supreme Court reports were presented.

   The County voiced concern on the operations of the specialty courts. Drug Court and Mental Health Court will be meeting fewer days. The numbers of cases in the district and magistrate courts have increased high enough that the both courts are busy every week. The success of the specialty courts is important for the County.

   The Board approved and signed expense and claims. They convened as the Ambulance District Board to hold a public hearing on the proposed purchase land/building for the Ambulance Services from Joint School District 171 for the amount of $120,000. The land and building has been used as the ambulance services.

   It is easily accessible and large enough to house the ambulances, with office space and meeting room to allow for on sight training. The Board approved the Ambulance Services to move forward with the purchase.

   Juvenile Services updated was given by Alana Curtis. The program funding available through CSAW was reviewed. CSAW has applied for grant funds to operate a juvenile diversion program for first time offenders that would be on probation. The County will provide office space as part of the in kind match.

   The Board met with Rachel Stocking of CEDA and Don Konkol, Konkolville Water Company, for an ICDBG for water system improvements. The block grant is moving forward. The review committee asked for the supplemental questions for additional information provided on the water rights, hookup fee and engineer’s plans. The Board approved the letter of support for Addendum to the ICDBG application for the Konkolville Water Company for a water improvement system.

   The Board approved and signed the Order to Tax Deed in favor of the County re the property owned by Gamma, Inc., and the property owned by Ahsahka Fellowship Community Church. The letters notifying the property owners of the 30 day redemption period was also approved and signed.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting were Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen.