MARCH 11, 2010

Where have all our children gone?

   This young man was born and raised in Orofino. He enjoyed riding motorcycles and graduated from Orofino High School in the mid-eighties.

   After high school he moved to Arizona and worked for Tupperware, but returned to Orofino before his sister convinced him that Seattle was a nice place to live and he lives there still.

   Can you guess this week’s Mystery Child?

   Last week’s Mystery Children were Joann Jordan and Arlene Davis, now Joann Custer, who still resides in Orofino, and Arlene Peel, who lives in Lewiston.

   This photo was taken where Frontier Foods is now.

   Zan’s Beach was named after their grandfather. Their grandmother (Nana) made most all of their clothes, including the dresses worn in the picture.

   Remembers Joann, “Nana could look in the store windows or in a catalog, and go home cut it out and sew it up. She is responsible for all our childhood pictures and it was such a joy to sit on her lap and hear her sing ‘In the Garden’. So to all you Nanas (Grandmothers); what a blessing you are to your grandchildren! Both of these girls grew up and became Christians and serve the Lord, and you can still hear them singing ‘In the Garden’.”

   Jo McGill was the first person to email and correctly identify last week’s Mystery Child. Others to submit correct guesses were: Sharon Miles, Shirley Seeley, Laurella Miller, Steve Olin in Bessie, OK, Joyce Frazier, and Jean Lamoreux Snyder.

   Keep those photos and clues coming! We can always use more, so please mail photos for future Mystery Child columns to Clearwater Tribune, P.O. Box 71, Orofino, ID, 83544 or deliver your picture in person to our office on 161 Main St., or you may send them via email to

   Please remember to include clues to appear with the child’s photo and information to reveal the following week.