MARCH 11, 2010

Back Country Medics medivac injured logger

   Orofino’s Back Country Medics responded to a line machine accident at a logging site at Elk on the Run, approximately four air miles northwest of Clarkia, on the afternoon of March 4 to transport an injured man.

   David Johnson, 39, Bovill, was working for Mark Harris Logging moving a line machine when it went off the road and over the embankment about 25 feet. Johnson was ejected and his legs pinned under the machine.

   Back Country Medics flew him by helicopter to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, where he is being evaluated for leg, hip and spinal injuries, according to Nick Albers.

   Fernwood and St. Maries ambulance and fire rescue personnel worked to extrication Johnson and prepared him for medivac flight.