MARCH 4, 2010

Four new Verizon Wireless cell sites in Clearwater County

   Four new Verizon Wireless cell sites in Clearwater County are now active. The sites will enable improved coverage from Highway 12 west of Ahsahka, south to Orofino, east to Konkolville and pushing north along Grangemont Road, according to a press release issued by Verizon Wireless.

   “This network enhancement is part of Verizon Wireless’ consistent, aggressive multi-billion dollar network investment each year to stay ahead of the growing demand for the company’s voice and data services,” stated the press release.

   Verizon Wireless spent more than $13 million to enhance services and coverage in Idaho during 2009. The company has invested $207 million in the state and $55 billion nationally, since it was formed in 2000.

   “The result is the nation’s largest, most reliable 3G network that powers services such as Mobile Broadband and Email. Businesses of any size can tap into the power of Mobile Broadband, enabling users to connect to the Internet wirelessly while on the go to download music over-the-air and access email or corporate data,” said the press release.

   For example, customers can download a 1 megabyte e-mail attachment - the equivalent of a small PowerPoint® presentation or a large PDF file - in about eight seconds and upload the same-sized file in less than 13 seconds.