MARCH 4, 2010

Update for “Pennies for the Past”

By Cathy L. Bolin

   As the second week of the penny drive for the Museum comes to an end, we are pleased to report the following: I was contacted by Lyn Anderson, from our local Kiwanis Club and she informed me that this was a project that the “K-Kids” would like to help with.

   We gladly accepted their assistance, after printing more labels we then needed 30 additional containers to provide to the kids.

   With the help of a wonderful unnamed person from our community transfer station, we were able to acquire 32 plastic containers to add to the 20 previously purchased for this fundraiser. We had already placed containers at Orofino Builders, NAPA Auto Parts store, the Pizza Factory, Atkinson Dist. and at the IGA where the new owner, Dale, graciously allowed me to place two containers and the K-Kids later placed a third one.

   It was the mission of the K-Kids to place an additional 32 containers throughout the community the last week of February. On Saturday morning, we collected the money from the containers and counted the contributions totaling $79.50.

   When I stopped by the museum to speak with Bernice Pullen the Director, she informed me that one very generous person had come by the museum earlier that week and dropped off a gallon can, full of pennies and other change, which she had not yet counted.  She had also received a check for $25 from another generous person who dropped it by the museum.

   We would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time, space and change.  We are off to a good start towards meeting our goal of $2,500. With only four weeks left, please feel free to continue dropping off donations to Bernice during Museum hours of 1:30 - 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, or drop your change into one of our many containers placed throughout the community.

   If you would like to have a container at your place of business and have not yet been provided one, please call and leave a message at the museum (208) 476-5033 and we will be glad to drop one by.