MARCH 4, 2010

Greener Clearwater County update

   This winter has been busy for members of Greener Clearwater County (GCC). The recycling trailer located in the parking lot of the Nazarene church on Michigan Avenue is proving to be very popular. Members empty the trailer every two weeks averaging anywhere between 900 and 1800 lbs of recyclables each time.

   GCC would like to remind the community to place their recyclables in the correct compartments. Please bag your waste paper, and bundle your newspaper or place in a box. Aluminum and tin cans need to be in bags as well as plastic bottles and jugs. By making this extra, yet simple effort, volunteers are able to empty the trailer for efficiently.

   GCC would like to thank the community for keeping the recycling program going and to members and volunteers for their dedication to the cause and “dirty-work.”

   GCC needs your help! Volunteers are needed to help tow and empty the recycling trailer. This program is an excellent asset to the community, one that not only saves the county money but also keeps our community clean. Make it a family event! Emptying the trailer is an educational way to teach children and youth the importance of taking care of the environment.

   GCC meets the last Tuesday of every month to discuss projects, plans and ideas. For more information, log onto, or contact Amanda Tucker at 476-5658.