MARCH 4, 2010

The March lamb frolicks in Fraser

By Norma Brand

   Sunshine flooded the Fraser Community on the first day of March. The lion was nowhere in sight, so the lamb had a great time playing in the pasture. Our temperature dropped to 32 degrees over night, by noon we were at 55 degrees. Spring will officially start on March 20, only 16 days away, but we feel Mother Nature has given us a head start this year. Will the March lion throw a monkey wrench at Mother Nature before the month is over? Only time will tell!

Timberline Schools say thanks

   The request for used microwave ovens for Timberline Schools has been achieved! They want everyone to know how much they appreciated the generous donations.

Donna Stickney finds buttercups

   Donna Stickney reported she found a patch of buttercups down in their canyon on Sunday, Feb. 28. This year she was the first person to call with this information. Thanks Donna. In the past, Lyle Thornton claimed this honor.

   How many of you beautiful rainbow on Saturday evening just before sunset, and watched the full moon rise over the mountains on Sunday evening? Both events were spectacular!

Kim Cox leap year baby

   On Sunday, Bev and Barry Bailey prepared a birthday dinner for their daughter, Kim Cox. Kim is a leap year baby, so according to her parents she celebrated her 9˝ year birthday. Can you figure out how old Kim is?

The Brown family news

   Donna Brown reported their son Kevin and his wife Katy drove to the farm on Monday, Feb. 26 with their two children. The twins, Spencer and Natalie are 18 months old now and are walking. They returned home on Thursday.

   Brad Brown arrived at the farm on Tuesday to visit with the family and returned home on Saturday.

Danette McIntosh home for a visit

   Danette McIntosh and her two children, Grace and Lydia traveled to Fraser from Nampa on Wednesday, Feb. 27. While they were here Grace was given an early birthday party; she will be five year old on March 8. Her mom invited relatives and friends from this area to a pool party on Sunday.

   The guest included, Grace’s grandparents Cheryl and Dale McIntosh; great-grandparents, Ron and Verla Thrall; great aunt Ronda Nelson; aunt Sara Potratz and cousins Connor, Ethan and Caleb; cousin Heather Falwell and children Rylee and Kaylie, Harry and Cheryl Stenzel and their granddaughter Drew Stacey; uncle Cory and aunt Michele and her cousins, Izzy, Caitlin, Abby and Samantha; uncle Derek and aunt Caresse and cousins Emma, Parker and Nathan.

   The theme for the party was “Tinker Bell”, instead of a regular birthday party cake her mom and grandma Donna made cupcakes baked in ice cream cones. It sounded like this was a real hit with everyone, especially Grace.

Marie Green’s family

   Delores Watson stopped by Marie Green’s farm for a visit last week and brought a meal to her. Marie’s daughter, Wilma, visited her during the week and stayed over night. Marie has fond memories of Irene (Brown) Bonner who passed away on Feb. 19, 2010. They were classmates at Fraser School; other members of this class were Marie’s brother Claud Judd, Gladys (Smolinski) Johnson and Lee Whitney. Irene and her parents, Charlie and Rose Brown and her brother Marvin lived just south of the Fraser School, several of the buildings are still visible from Highway 11. Irene’s brother, Marvin married Marie’s sister Clarabell.

   Reggie and Peggy Ball had lunch with Jan Thornton and Jim McManus on Sunday.

The Beards attend aviation conference

   Mike and Linda Beard attended the Washington Aviation Conference held at the fairgrounds in Puyallup, WA. They also spent several days in Sun River, OR before returning to Fraser on Sunday evening.

Ladies Get Together Club

   Fraser Ladies Get Together Club will hold their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 10. Hostesses are Bonny Kinney and Lisa Dahl; the theme is St. Patrick’s Day. The meeting starts at 1 p.m. at the Fraser Community Center.

Birthday/anniversary wishes

    Happy Birthday goes out to Donna Brown and Randy McKinnon on March 5, to Jerry Bordoni on March 7, to Sharon McHone and Mark Fowler on March 9 and to RoseAnna Thornton on March 11.

   Happy Anniversary goes out to Oreta and Dale Stuart on March 11.