MARCH 4, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Life Flight Company moves into Lewis Clark Valley

   At the Feb. 22 of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz provided a report from the department. There was discussion on supporting a funding request from Back Country Medics. The Life Flight Company, based out of Portland, OR, is moving into the Lewis Clark Valley and will be available for emergency flights.

   Also providing emergency flights in the area are: MediStar, who flies from Spokane to Clearwater Valley Hospital on an almost daily basis; and the Back Country Medics, who cover the back country of Clearwater and Nez Perce National Forests and the surrounding wildlands.

   Back Country Medics are integral component to emergency response time, since they have the most experience in the backcountry. With the addition of MediStar the options for helicopter emergency flights will improve, while Back Country Medics fill an important niche for flights in outlying areas.

County receives funds

   Clerk Carrie Bird was notified that the County will receive funds from The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program for improving the energy efficiency of the courthouse. The initial work is to replace lighting, improving insulation and updating heating and cooling equipment.

Draft audit approved

   The draft audit from Presnell and Gage was reviewed, and the revised financial statements were reviewed. The consensus is to approve the draft so that Presnell and Gage can print the final audit and financial statement.

   The BOCC approved and signed a liquor license renewal for Frontier Foods.

   The Dworshak Park operations are very important for the Fuels Mitigation grant for the Freeman Creek area. The operation to keep the park open is very important this year, since it was identified for fuels reduction mitigation.

Hazard plan

   Emergency Management Coordinator Don Gardner gave an update on the All Hazard Mitigation Plan. The grant funding was provided to the County to update the mitigation plan. The BOCC approved for the solicitation of request for qualifications for the plan update.

Road work update

   Rob Simon reported on the road crew work. The SRS funds for County have been received so the County can finalize the Zipper machine purchase.

   The federal appropriated funds for the Grangemont Road have been sent to the FHWA. The project has gone out to bid and should be ready for construction in June.

    Upper Fords Creek Road was discussed. Simon recommends the removal and pulverizing of the existing BST, then adding four inches of three-quarter inch aggregate lift. It would cost approximately $25,000. This would require applying magnesium chloride for stability of the aggregate this year. Then the road base can be watched to see if the soft spots are healing before proceeding with replacement of the CRABS treatment.

   The Cavendish Road will be chip sealed this year out of the ARRA funds, and it should go out to bid soon.

   The BOCC approved and signed expenses and claims.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting was Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen.