MARCH 4, 2010

Rebecca Pence, Senior Class President of OHS class of 2010, is holding the Chicken Bingo Board. Photo by Kathy Pence

Chicken Bingo, anyone?

By Rossa Lamé

   The Class of 2010 invites everyone in the community to help them raise funds for their after graduation party with a very fun idea: Chicken Bingo.

   The students are pre-selling bingo numbers 1-149 at $2 each or six for $10. On Saturday, Mar. 20 at 10 a.m. at the armory, the honored chicken will be "released" on a large number board. Whichever number she does her "business" on will win 50 clucks! Oh, I mean 50 bucks! 

   Would you like to help support these hardworking seniors and their parents by buying a ticket for chicken bingo today? You do not have to be present to win.

   ICARE will be holding their Second Annual Community Yard Sale the same day. Please support ICARE and the graduating senior class of 2010. Graduation is only a few months away now.

   If you would like to make a contribution or buy Chicken Bingo numbers, know that all the proceeds go toward the senior class party. Please call Kathy Pence at (208) 827-0663 or Val Bansemer at 476-3654.

   Thank you for all your help in making this graduation party fun for the class of 2010!