FEBRUARY 18, 2010

 “Pennies for the Past”

By Cathy L Bolin

   The museum curator, Bernice, is in need of your help to meet a current matching grant obligation.  Without “matching funds” the museum could loose the grant which is typically used to pay day-to-day expenses and operating costs throughout the year. Grants are a necessary lifeline to maintain the museum heritage and artifacts.

   We would like to sponsor a “Pennies for the Past” fund drive because we believe it would help Bernice meet this obligation.  We propose a challenge to the citizens of Clearwater County to contribute their pennies to this campaign.

   We challenge each business to participate by having a container, with the identifying placard on it, placed in a conspicuous location where customers can contribute.  We would like to include the schools and ask them, if possible, to initiate a drive among the students and plan a field trip to the museum where they can learn about our local history and contribute their collected funds. 

   We will place approximately 20 containers throughout the community for this penny drive.  We will visit the various businesses in Orofino this week distributing the containers.  If you would like to have one at your location please call Bernice at the museum at (208) 476-5033.

   The fund drive will run from Feb. 15 through Mar. 31, contributions will be collected weekly and the results posted in the newspaper.  Our hope is to create a friendly competition that could lead to collecting a large amount of pennies and bring more people into the museum.  Our monetary goal for this six week fund drive is $2,500.  Every penny will go to the museum!

   So please check your car, purse, or anywhere you throw your spare change and drop it into one of the museum containers.  We thank you in advance for your help in making this drive a success!