FEBRUARY 18, 2010

Fraserís Valentines Day news

By Norma Brand

   On Valentines Day in Fraser families visited friends or enjoyed a meal at one of the restaurants in the area.

A visit from Marie

Greenís granddaughter

   Marie Greenís granddaughter, Trina (Green) Scott and her husband Ryan spent the weekend at the farm. They arrived late on Friday and returned to Coeur dí Alene on Sunday afternoon. Everyone had a good visit, before Marie knew it the week end visit was over.

Pinochle party

   Linda Beard reported there were four tables of enthusiastic card players at the Fraser pinochle party on Saturday. Maebellann Steadman won high score, Linda Beard came up with the low score and Dolores Watson and Janet Kingen won the pinochle. Janet and Pete Kingen brought a ham for the potluck dinnerí there were several crock pots full of tasty food and five pies for dessert.

   Rose Opresik stopped by the pinochle party for a visit and helped Linda clean up after the potluck dinner.  Thanks Rose, Linda appreciated your help.  This is a fun group and everyone is welcome. You can join them on the second Saturday of the month at the Fraser Community Center. The first game starts at 1 p.m.

Ladies Get Together Club

   The Fraser Ladies Get Together Club held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at the Fraser Community Center. The hostesses, Blanche Kinney and Rosena Aultz decorated the tables in red for Valentines Day.

   After the meeting a tasty lunch was enjoyed, Sara Kinney baked two heart cakes for dessert and frosted them in white with red roses in the center. Thanks Sara, everyone enjoyed your special creation.

   Bev Bailey won the white elephant gift. April hostesses are Lisa Dahl and Bonny Kinney; the theme will be St. Patrickís Day. Mary Cochrell sent greetings to members and Ruth McHone is out of the hospital after a bout with pneumonia. The Fraser Community Center Board held their regular monthly meeting of Wednesday after the Get Together Club completed their meeting.

Valentine Day happenings

   Linda and Mike Beard drove to Lewiston on Valentines Day to have breakfast at the Red Lion. They returned to Orofino in the afternoon and stopped in at the Riverside Lanes where they bowled six games.

   After a breakfast of homemade quiche on Sunday, Peggy and Reggie Ball visited neighbors. Their first stop was at Sharon and Mike McHoneís Welsh pony farm. They looked over the progress of the repair on the damage done by an electrical fire. The sheet rock is ready for the sealer coat and the paint. The McHonesí feel very fortunate that their neighbors discovered the fire before it destroyed the house.

   Their next stop was at Jan Thorntonís home, and then it was on to Carl and RoseAnna Thorntonís home. Carlís son Wayne and his wife Lisa were there for a visit so they stayed for a brief visit then returned home.

   For Valentines Day, Pete Kingen picked up a box of candy for Janet and sent flowers to his two daughters, Julie Woods in Post Falls, and DeAnn Sanders in Columbus, OH. Ohio is in the Snow Belt this year, and according to Pete their 3Ĺ year old grandson Caleb was very excited about getting flowers during the snowstorm. Pete and Janet can fill you in on the details.

 Kingen family history

   Did you know that Pete Kingenís family moved to the Fraser community in 1918?

Birthday wishes

   Happy Birthday goes out to Izabella Brown on Feb. 23 and to Dale Stuart on Feb. 24.