FEBRUARY 18, 2010

From this Chair…

By Cloann McNall

   I wasn’t going to write a column this week but will since several persons have asked, “How did your party go last weekend?”

   They were referring to the Valentine party in the new sunroom, at which all persons attending were required to wear pink. Yes, even the males.

   I was satisfied and even surprised at the ruckus this caused with the men. They did not want to be seen wearing pink. One even refused to be photographed in his pink shirt.

   Actually the men looked quite handsome in their pink shirts but apparently they consider it a ‘sissy’ color. Which makes me wonder what color should we females avoid wearing to not appear ‘butchy?’  Perhaps camouflage.

   The Phantom showed up wearing his 23-year-old son’s shirt.  He looked handsome in pink and I found myself admiring the tall, silver-haired Phantom standing at the stove in my kitchen!

   I thought it was amazing he could wear the same shirt as his son, as Andy is a very lean young man.

   I noticed right away my son-in-law Darold Stanton arrived wearing a pink, closer to rose, colored shirt. Here I was looking forward to him being forced to wear pink nail polish and with Marcie hiding the remover, having to wear it to the woods the next day.

   Darold outsmarted me one more time.      

   Bruce Lang’s bowling shirt was a good looking one in pink and my son-in-law John Baldwin was sporting a pink polo shirt and was chagrined that his wife Diane made him take off the LL Bean tag. He said “That was the only masculine thing about this shirt.”

   The only male not wearing pink that managed to slip through to dinner was Bryan Howland of Lewiston. I cut him slack considering he is the father to my twin great-grandsons due to arrive later this year. That plus the fact he is married to my granddaughter, Ashley.

   Yes, we did have smoked steelhead for the party. The Phantom went fishing (in his deep freeze!) and came up with a steelhead that he smoked the night before the party. Very tasty.

   Even the three male dogs, Izzy, Angus and Beau were sporting pink ribbons.

   There was a lot of confusion, laughter and wonderful food and hopefully my guests enjoyed the party as much as I did.