February 11, 2010

Happenings on the Hilltop…
(Weippe news)

Judy O'Brien 435-4870

   Some highlights of the Pierce Winter Festival were the Ice Man Relay, snow sculptures and the Bar Stool Race.

   The Weippe Ski Retreat group, hosted by the Weippe Wesleyan Church, participated and swelled the ranks of The Ice Man Relay. Thirteen teams vied for 1st Place.

   The Ice Man Relay had three parts; snowshoeing, downhill sledding and running. At the end of the course the runner was required to jump in the creek and completely immerse him/herself. Chilling!

   The top team was Studio 205 with Dylan Anderson, Jake Jared and Colten Jared with a time of 9:28:56. They will hold the traveling trophy until next year. Second place winner was Jared Construction with Tanner and Kendrick Jared and Sawyer Sutton. Third place winner was Blain Construction with Austin Blain, Katie Washburn from Yakima and John Ruffcorn from Yakima. It was a very close race with the 2nd and 3rd winners differing by only .07 of a second.

   The Bar Stool race was a hoot. Watching the riders wobbling down the snow covered hill on their stools, sometimes crashing into each other and/or snow banks and once a nearby pond, made for some intense excitement. Each team created their own bar stool on skis which ranged from a simple bar stool on skis to a dog sled type bar stool outfit with flag and beer cans nailed on the front. As the rider said, “Every bar stool needs a beer!” Each team consisted of a rider and a pusher.

   The four teams were The Outback, Studio 205, Black Dog Tackle and Knight Hawk. Outback team was Harv Nelson, rider, with Jake Nelson as pusher. Studio 205 team was Greg Gerot, rider, with Jim Morrison as pusher. Knight Hawk team consisted of Todd Billups, rider, with Charley Billups pushing, built by Denny Knight. Black Dog Tackle team was rider Duane Downey, pushed by Cory Supak and built by Joe Douglas.

   After several runs, the final winners were Todd Billups and Charley Billups, Knight Hawk team. As the winners, they received $15 and a trophy created and donated by John Bergen.

   It was difficult to find enough snow for snow sculptures but a few hardy sculptors managed. The winners were: 1st place Old Goat Enterprises, goat sculpture, 2nd place City of Weippe with a Lewis & Clark canoe, 3rd place Hannah and Leia Van Hook for teepee village and Sacagawea.

   Compassionate Care provided kids’ games inside with plenty of prizes, games and cookies to decorate.

   Linda Applington from Rockin’ Apple Ranch added to the festivities with free tractor hayrides all around town.

   Dinner of haystacks and chili was served Saturday night at the Pierce Community Center. Highlight of the evening was special speaker Norm Steadman who spoke of early Pierce history in honor of Pierce’s Sesquicentennial. A bonfire was lit outside the center and drawings were held for the Cabela’s Gift Cards. Winners were: 1st Gene Applington of Weippe-$300, 2nd Brett LaPeter of Eagle-$200 and Bart Simpson of Weippe-$100.

   The festival ended Sunday morning with a huckleberry pancake breakfast at the Lion’s clubhouse.

   It was great fun watching and participating in the various events. It will be hard to top this event. Wonder what the committee will come up with next year? They encourage you to come find out.